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Kmart ( is the one of the leading discount retail stores at Australia. It was founded in 1969. Main headquarters is at Mulgrave, Melbourne. Westfarmers is the parent organization. Guy Russo is managing director/CEO of the company.  Products made and offered by them are men, women and kids wear, outdoor, living, footwear, cosmetics, toys, games, home office, entertainment products, Manchester, bed lines, sporting good, health and beauty.

In this article we are sharing contact information which is helpful for the customers who are facing problem in company’s products and services. Toll-free helpline, working hours, head office & headquarters address, customer support email id are mentioned in this post, which are useful for Kmart’s customers. Customers do not hesitate to contact customer service department regarding any queries, questions or complaints.

Kmart Customer Service Contact Details

Kmart Customer Service Numbers Online Inquiries: 1800 051 800

Kmart Australia Customer Support General Inquiries: 1800 124 125
Telephonic support is available regarding online and general inquiries, customer can call on these number. These are non-toll free numbers.

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Working Hours: Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm AEST
These are official hours of operation during this period only customer service representative will be able to answer for enquiries.

Kmart Customer Service Email Id: N/A
There is no specific customer service email id provided by the company.

Kmart Australia Office Phone Number: n/a

Kmart Head Office Address: 690 Springvale Road MULGRAVE, VIC 3170 Australia
This is main head office address for the company all the operations related to customer services takes place here.

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31 thoughts on “Kmart Customer Service Phone Number, Email ID, Office Address, Offline Stores

  1. I am writing in regards to Kmart Penrith nsw 2750 branch. I am complaining about racist and discriminatory behaviour I and my mother received today and further more were publically humiliated. Our purses were checked forcefully we were advised it is a condition of entry even though we carried handbags smaller than the ones that are required for inspection.

    I can provide pictures of my receipt purchase for time and date of purchase and pictures of handbags with sizes.

  2. HI – can you please advise me whether HOMEMAKER – water kettle – model WK8256N – had been recalled? . My kettle is leaking at the bottom and I stopped using it for fear of electrical shock. I have lost my receipt and KMART – Shellharbour – NSW – requested the receipt. so if that model has been recalled i can go and advise them of this fact.

  3. I was shopping today 08/07/2016 with my 9 year old autistic son at Kmart Mt Druitt around 12:30 pm,my son has a routine every time we shop at Kmart he always buy a ball and like to bounce it,I tried not to let him bounce it this time because I knew it’s not allowed but he was about to get a meltdown while inside the shop so after I paid for the ball and rest of the stuff, I let him bounced a bit in the hallway near the entrance on the way out,the staff name Jack screamed as loud as he can to us and said,”STOP BOUNCING THE BALL”in front of 25 to 30 customers around us,I was shocked and embarrassed so I screamed him back and told him,”THE BALL IS OURS” I already paid for it and he screamed very loud again,I’m pretty sure all of the customers in Kmart that time heard it,He said”YOU”RE INSIDE THE SHOP” and I screamed him back again and told him that my son is autistic and he doesn’t understand it doesn’t matter how many times I explained it to him,he still don’t get it.I went out Kmart very upset because I was so embarrassed after what Jake treated us.We are a paying customers we don’t deserved to be treated that way.The security guard apologized to us 3 times but Jack never apologized us and acted very proud of what he has done.I can’t believed people with short temper work at Kmart,he needs to learn a good customer Service. The manager name Nate apologized but I’m still a very unhappy customer.

  4. I just bought a home co dish strainer from Kmart Riverlink Ipswich I have just placed this product into my wheelie bin as it’s not even worth their worry of returning it to the store.
    The instructions for this product didn’t make any sense whatsoever it took me 45 mins to try and get it right we are talking about a dish strainer here not a major computer system as a result the dish strainer ended up being thrown out the back door and after around 15 mins picked up any put in it’s box any dropped into the wheelie bin.
    Now I will just purchase a dish strainer from the $2 shop at least I know it’s going to do the job any all I have to do is pull it out of the bag and it’s ready for use no stupid instructions that don’t make any sense or works how it says it will.
    Getting the dish strainer from Kmart Riverlink was the biggest waste of time money and effort.
    Graham Nuttall

  5. Can you please send me a copy of your entering our store policy. I was asked today to produce my receipt before I was permitted to leave your Dandenong store. When I refused the security guard said that if I didn’t show him the receipt I would be banned from the store and held until the police arrived. Please send the copy of your policy to.
    P. O. Box 499 Hampton Park 3876 Vvictoria.

  6. What has happened to your gardening section? You used to have a variety of cheap plastic planter pots for sale. Now after the Kmart store has been renovated nicely, there’s nothing on your shelves I want to buy. They’re all ceramic decorative pots!

  7. I’m not that happy that I had to fight my way through 4 girls having a sushi picnic at the desk of the change room on Saturday 29/10/16 just to try on a top I wished to purchase ,amongst other things total being around the $80 mark.Surely they are entitled to a meal break so they don’t starve to death. Yes I did take a photo.
    Having said that ,my annoyance was softened by the very helpful young girl who was run off her feet at the photo processing desk , I had printed out $37.00 worth of single prints and could not get the computer to accept my touch. Lucky she and another customer could push the accept button for me. Your staff said that sometimes happens.
    Maybe one of the changeroom staff could have been utilised to help out,just a thought.

  8. i live on the southside of brisbane and visit my 2 favourite kmart stores sunnybank and sunnybank hills stores. i just don,t understand why i have to serve myself. i find it extremely annoying and slow. i have been working all day and needing to grab a few things from kmart and then serving myself i find in very frustrating . i understand to keep prices low you cut costs in staff. but to watch the elderly and young mothers with babys and children ,juggling to serve themselves, you should be embarrassed . im at the stage now i totally avoid the stores. please go back to customer service. and where are all these young students trying to have a part time job to service the community. please please do something asap !!!!!!!!

  9. I returned a recalled product. The store did not have a replacement so they sent me to one who said they have in stock….WRONG !! No they did not & could not give me a reason why I was sent. Went to 4 other kmart stores…..Nothing & none of your stupid brain dead staff were interested in helping me, some did not know about the recall & rude as well. You say you are committed to customer integrity, what a JOKE. I still do not have a replacement.

  10. What a beautiful new store you have at Victoria Point Queensland, it’s a pity it’s not user friendly. It’s difficult to find anything without wandering around stocked high shelves, and when you do, where are the tills – in the middle of the store so back you go. Then not everyone can or wants to use the self service and the manned checkouts are few.
    As for Customer Service , Where? In the farthest corner of the store from the entrance of course.
    The only reason now to enter KMart is for the exercise.

  11. There is one particular staff at Kmart stores in Victoria Gardens Richmond who is very keen to search the bags and receipts of dark skin customers as opposed to the other customers. I was there on the 25th this month to purchase something for my daughter. After I had paid for the purchase I told my daughter to show him the receipt, as he has asked me to do so on my previous visits. Not only did he look at the receipt that my daughter showed him, he looked in side the bag to see what was in it. (if Kmart actually cares for all of its customers, check the camera recordings between 8.20 – 8.30pm on the 25th of November). However I noticed that he just waved certain other customers off when they gave their bags for inspections. I have been to other Kmart stores where there is no such bag inspection or discriminatory dramas such as that take place at the Richmond stores.

  12. 1/12/2016 at 00.15hrs doing christmas shopping at Penrith Kmart and a male staff and security guards were two of the biggest idiots I have come across. Talk about over zealous and over the top behaviour from two idiots who dont have a clue about customer service let alone the law that governs the unlawful harassment of customers based on speculation and suspicion. Have these two clowns even read the Law enforcement Powers and Responsibility Act 2002 section 100. These idiots are harassing and banning customers and their young families for no reason. Shame on you Kmart for hiring such Boof-heads who have no clue about customer service and how to be professional. If you boof-heads thought I did something then “arrest me call the police” and see what happens to you for “making an unlawful arrest based upon suspicion ” cos I did absolutely nothing wrong, had nothing in my bag, as i was merely doing my Christmas shopping and CCTV cameras and my lawyer can prove that”, and yet you still harassed and bullied me… For no reason… Extremely over zealous and totally over the top staff and guards…

  13. I just want to add that I spent 2 hours of my precious time meticulously selecting Christmas presents for my 5 grand kids something that I take great pleasure in doing every Christmas as it’s my grandkids. And it’s disgraceful that a couple of Boof-heads like the two I encountered at Penrith Kmart took that beautiful experience away from me through their unprovoked and unprofessional behaviour. What kind of a dumb-arse security guard bans a customer for something he had no legal right to do in the first place “An absolutely stupid one I guess” and the idiot worker that asked him to harass me “what a Boof-head” you got suspicious because I didn’t want to leave my bag in your care while I tried a few items on (changing room) “Why should I trust you with my bag containing my money credit cards IDs Passport Mobile phone” . You’re just another predator as far as I am concerned, extremely rude, over the top, and a jerk, so why would I trust you with my precious bag, after that kind of treatment, and then you had the audacity to be suspicious of me. If you had any idea about you were doing you would have realised it was more to do with your poor customer service skills that put me off , and like “Check your CCTV footage” you would have seen I couldn’t possibly have anything in my bag, but instead you acted on your sense of “suspicion” and decided to harass me instead, what kind of an idiot worker does that “one that’s over zealous and doesn’t know how to do his job, I guess”. Is Kmart losing a lot of profit? I have just given you a good example of why that is happening…. So take a good look at your staff Kmart as they are the problem not your customers … Got it… You know it so sad cos’ I ended up having to leave all my babies presents at the check -out cos I was so pissed off with these two idiots for being so rude and arrogant and treating me so badly that I decided not to make the purchase… Shame on you Kmart…you really ruined mine and my grandkids day and the Christmas spirit we enjoy so much…


  14. Just wanted to say a big thank you to Matt in the Moonee Ponds store, exceptional customer service! Returned to store to purchase deck chairs to find all were gone….. Matt did a call around to other Kmart stores, located two at Airport West and asked the team if they could place them on hold until I drove up there. How refreshing to have a young person happy in there work, smiling and helpful…made my day! Thank you

  15. I absolutely love Kmart as a store because of the items you sell. However, the new checkout system leaves much to be desired. From my observation, I have noticed that in the K Marts I have been in, the people checking that the goods in the trolleys have been paid for are not thorough enough and I think this opens a serious problem regarding potential theft as customers pass many goods on the way out. TODAY I was not impressed at all due to a completely different situation. A few customers including myself commented on how an elderly lady on a walking frame was treated by a checkout staff member. She wanted to purchase two cards and walked incorrectly, into the checkout area. She was told she would have to go around to the end of the line which meant she had to go a long way into the back of a long Christmas line-up. When I got through the line-up myself, I spoke with the staff member who had sent her around. She told me it was company policy and she could not serve her having come in the wrong way. She also rudely said ‘she made it around, didn’t she?’. Upon speaking with this elderly lady as I was leaving the shop, I noticed she suffered with early dementia to make things even more complicated. I worked in Aged Care. I see your system is not suitable for the frail and aged. If this is company policy, where is the care? Shopping centres try to make it easier for the frail and elderly by providing closer parking spots etc. I personally think this situation needs to be addressed, changed and discussions held with staff so that they are not rude. Surely policies can be flexible enough to handle an individual situation like this. I told the staff member I would be putting in a complaint.

  16. Returning a set of Christmas lights that did not work, cost $16, was only given $7 as they were half price after Christmas. Really, something is broken and that’s all you get???? Bad return policy. Back to Bunnings next year. By the way, I am a pensioner and seeing as I bought planters and rocks to set them in I was out of pocket $33, not to mention the grandkids disappointment

  17. Dear Kmart
    All though in enjoy shopping purchasing your products…Your new store setup is terrible…The lines have a longer waiting times, the other customers appear tobe confused about who is next inline because not everyone pays by card & most people want tobe served by a person not a machine…
    I recommend you have more cash & cards machines…And checkouts with people severing customers…Not every customer in one line, it’s so frustrating…
    A number of your staff appear stressed, due to the pressures of the store setup…
    Also after paying for products then having to wait in another line to show receipts, this is ridiculous!! When the counters were at the front of the shore it was obvious customers had togo through checkouts & were seen by staff & security…
    The customers services is not the same…I actually dred walking into the store now, where before the store had changed upset, I actually loved my shopping experience…

  18. I would like to make a complaint regarding Kmart having no checkout personnel on any counter and customers can only use the automated machines to buy items.
    This is a disgrace and most customer want to go through a checkout with people in them not use the automated machines where you do it yourself.
    You are a big company and should be providing better service, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

    Please, please, do not delete the Ionization Smoke Alarms from your distribution and sales.

    I can’t believe that here in QLD, it has been legislated that since the Photoelectric sm. al. detect smouldering fire faster than the Ionization sm. al., the Ionization al. should therefore be phased out.

    That is a GROSS MISTAKE, and the reverse of the truth !

    Anyone who has both types installed, can safely and conveniently test by using a smoking mosquito coil, and by holding it below each respective alarm at the similar distance, angle, and with similar air drafts or still air, can easily determine for themselves which is the faster one to respond.

    My own personal tests have found that my 8 Ionization sm. al. respond in 40 seconds average time, and my 2 Photoelectric sm. al. respond in 5 & 6 minutes time respectively.

    On a 60 Minutes program, the Photoelectric sm. al. responded after 7 minutes to a smouldering fire test, but the Ionization al. did not respond at all.

    I can’t believe that a properly working Ionization al. would do that !

    The 60 Minutes program can be viewed by clicking 2014, Investigations, The Alarming Truth part 2.

    A mosquito coil can generate a tiny amount of smoke, which simulates the VERY beginnings of a smouldering house fire.

    All types of fire or smoke have both large and small smoke particles, and they are not uniformly distributed within the smoke.

    The Photoelectric sm. al. best detects large smoke particles (which keep breaking up), and the Ionization sm. al. best detects small smoke particles (that’s why it can false alarm from using a bread toaster, if it is not installed in an appropriate further distance from the kitchen area, & even there it will respond faster to a real kitchen fire, smouldering or not, than a Photoelectric al. installed closer to the kitchen area).

    There is also a falsified scare of the Ionization als. tiny radioactive particle, which actually gives off 100 times less radiation than the background radiation in the environment.

    For more facts on it’s radioactive emission, please Google: americium 241.

    At present, the QLD legislation does not DISALLOW homeowners self-installing or using the services of an installer the Smoke Alarms of their choice in EXISTING homes. (That may change in 2022 or 2027, unless enough truth savvy people voice their opinions that peoples lives or possessions can be lost in more house fire tragedies, in a difference of just a few minutes lost from an inferior Smoke Alarm Warning).

    Please keep the sales of Ionization Smoke Alarms going as previously.

    Wally Fietkau.

  20. I “WAS” a regular shopper at KMart, Caboolture QLD. Like most of these type stores now a human at a checkout is almost impossible to find. Today on trying to check out and pay for my item purchased, there was no one at the service checkouts (6 units) . The 1 person in sight was in attendance at the self service and directing all customers to the self service and assisting customers to use self service. When I did not enter self service and she noticed me waiting she asked me to use self service and she would even do the transaction for me. I told her I did not want to use those machines and insisted I be served at the normal checkout. I nicely explained I did not want to use self service and indeed did not like being forced to use self service, I asked to see the store manager. After a wait a very young girl arrive and advised she was the operations manager. I again explained that I was not happy being forced to use self service. I would have been happy to have my opinion listened to and passed on to management, however she proceeded to treat me as a complete idiot and insult my intelligence by telling me the store budget did not allow for more than 1 person at the checkout at that time in the morning (that was the person directing customers to self service machines). Previously I was told by a different person at a different time (same store) when I was unable to get served and was directed to self service and had my transaction completed by a dedicated store person directing customers to self service only and then doing the transaction, that management had placed quotas on the store for usage of self service compared to attended check outs of at least 2/3rds management target and requirement to self service-thus normal checkouts left unattended to get quotas. I will now only use KMart at last resort especially as their budgets do not take into serious consideration customer service. I have already stopped using a Woolworths outlet at Banksia Beach for the very same reason. Pity a business so reliant on pubic support chooses to treat their customers with so little regard.

  21. Have just visited new K Mart store at Broadmeadows, Vict, for first and LAST time. Service Checkout good for those who like Self Serve. Some of us equally normal human beings do NOT like them. Punishment for not using one was an extensive line of other customers, many with heavily laden Trolleys/Baskets, waiting to be served by 1 and only 1 poor young Male Cashier. Myself, and another customer, who stopped at exit, after seeing me complaining to door person, requested to see manager. He was very apologetic, but, still not good enough. He seemed quite embarrassed when we both told him that 2 sales had been missed. Disgusting Customer Service from this Store/Company.

  22. I was in the Hornsby kmart store to purchase goods yest and replaced my items after viewing the incredible line up of customers waiting for a checkouts. (Yes all were being directed to self service) How rude to expect people handing you money (your income) to wait for such a long time to do so. I truly wish people were more vocal so you understood the anger they feel being made to wait. Poor, poor attitude kmart and shame on you to treat your customers with such contempt.

  23. I bought an alarm clock which continually turned itself off making me late for work. I returned the clock in its original packaging but couldn’t find my receipt. Not offered a exchange, just given a $5 store coupon. Same clock still on shelf with a price of $20 think I was not given very good service or value for the item I bought. Don’t think I will ever shop at Kmart again. Should have been given at least the same amount that was on the shelf. If this is the way they treat the customers. I’m sure that customers will lead with their feet and not return. You may have cheaper priced items then other retailers but your returns policy is crap… Shame on you Kmart

  24. Mount Drutt, 4:45 pm. Took me 3 minutes to find the item I wanted to buy and an hour to get out. At a peak time there wewe only 3 people on the floor, 1 register open and one staff member at each of their 2 self service points.

    I spoke to a Manager, (Assistant Manager), Tatonka, whose only response was, ‘if you are not happy to scan your item, our staff on self service are happy to scan your item for you’. Although I explained this situation in different ways, Tatonka seemed too interested in saying the same thing, not explaining why there were only 3 people on the floor in a peak period.

    I am old school and prefer to be served by someone and keep an AUSTRALIAN in a job, however, I seem to be the only one.

    I attempted to call Mount Druitt a number of times, and was laughed at, hung up on and put on hold for long periods.

    I called their customer service division and found that although there was someone on the other end, they had no interest in helping me. According to the PERSON (and I use that term loosely) that I spoke to, there were no supervisors or senior staff of any kind.

    The Regional Manager for this area is Belinda, and he refused to give me her contact details, and refused to tell me when I should expect a response…


  25. Hi, I was trying to submit a complaint form from your website customer service with the enclosed photo of melted silicon oven liner I bought from your north rocks store but wouldn’t submit. The product was faulty and it smelled rubber when I used it. I also bought a few silicon baking trays but with my experience I am hesitant to use them.

  26. product range and quality have improved greatly but your customer service and total lack of staff to serve at checkouts has made me shop else where the self service and pay areas are not customer service , turning the shopping into an anti social way of purchasing put back the shop assistants and get rid of the uncaring management
    owen smith

  27. I wanted to send an email, I have a we’d love to hear from you leaflet. When I try to send it ( Microsoft outlook doesn’t recognise it. Where can I send my email?

  28. Hi I went into your Kmart chirnside park store today in this 41degree heat I think it was cooler outside than in your store can’t they aford to get the air conditioner fix maybe put a tin at your desk so we can donate some money to fix it

  29. I shop at Kmart Gladstone, Qld and have for many years. My dissappintment and frustration lies in the lack of service at the counters on every occasion. Customers have been left waiting in long lines, even after discussing it with the manager about the lack of service, I have waited for a salesperson, only to be clearly treated poorly due to not using the self service! Come on, why is it so hard to employ youths in australia. I use technology each day and i actually enjoy consumerism and service when I go shopping, donT TAKE IT AWAY.. I CAN GET THAT FROM ONLINE SHOPPING!

  30. I want to comment Rohera in the toy department of Kmart Mt Gravatt QLD for her excellent service this morning. I couldn’t find what I wanted and not in stock but she checked the back storeroom and found one plus helped me with other items. All with a lovely smile. Bouquet to you Rohera.

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