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Zali Steggall Contact Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website, Office

Zali Steggall is a famous Australian lawyer. Many of you may know her as the Olympic athlete. Many of her fans or other people with the same profession who have anything to discuss with her contact her with the help of following details. Answers of many questions like what are the contact numbers of Zali Steggall, what is the email ID of Zali Steggall, where the office of Zali Steggall is located, what is the address of Zali Steggall etc. If you need their answers then check the article thoroughly. If you think you need more help, then the last links section will help you.

Zali Steggall

Zali Steggall was a well known and one of the successful Olympic athletes of her time. She used to play Alpine skiing and won two medals. She got her first bronze medal in Winter Olympic in the 1998 Nagano and the other gold medal in World Ski Championships in 1999 Vail. In the year 2019, she stood as the independent candidate from for Warringah in Australian federal elections. After retiring from skiing, she started studying law and that’s how her career as a lawyer began. She studied from Griffith University. You can also read about Mazengarb Family Lawyers, Schetzer Constantinou, Doconade and Chris Crewther.

About/Wiki Zali Steggall

Steggall’s Birth Name  Zali Steggall
Steggall’s DOB  16 April 1974

Zali Steggall was born in Manly, New South Wale on 16 April 1974. She is a famous former Australian alpine skiing athlete.

What are the Phone Numbers of Zali Steggall?

Zali Steggall Personal Phone Number  N/A
Zali Steggall Whatsapp Number  N/A
Zali Steggall Mobile Number  N/A
Zali Steggall Office Phone Number  0432 682 028
Zali Steggall Fax Number  N/A

If you want to contact Zali Steggall then the given number may help you. Other details are not provided by him yet.

What are the Email IDs of Zali Steggall?

Zali Steggall Personal Email ID  N/A
Zali Steggall Office Email IDs info@warringahindependent.com.au

Send your queries to Zali Steggall or her team members on the above email IDs.

What are the Contact Addresses of Zali Steggall?

Zali Steggall Residence Address  Manly, Sydney
Zali Steggall Office Address  Louise Hislop, 2/712 Pittwater Road, Brookvale

Zali Steggall lives in manly. If you wish to meet her, then visit her office or contact her team members.

Official Website: www.zalisteggall.com.au

Zali Steggall’s official website is attached here. Get details about her foundation. You can also give donations there.

Social Media Profiles of Zali Steggall

Facebook Fan Page  facebook.com/Zali4Warringah
Twitter Handle  twitter.com/zalisteggall
Instagram Handle  instagram.com/zalisteggall
YouTube Channel  N/A
Snapchat ID  N/A

Connect with Zali Steggall via social media. These are the official accounts of Zali Steggall.

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    hey staggles when are you going to start building all the windfarms along the Northern Beaches or is that just another pie in the sky?

    What a joke you are, where would you have got without the help from getout and scum like them?

    I hope you make the most of the next 3 years, because you definitely won’t be re-elected at the next Federal Elections.
    Tony Abbott is an honest and hard working person and has done things you will never do.
    Have you ever been involved in the local fire brigade fighting bush fires or the local surf club or visited Aboriginal settlements? I’ll bet the answer is a straight out no!

    All you want is the glory, well make the most of the glory over the next 3 years because you won’t get back in no matter who you have behind you?

    I personally have never met Mr. Tony Abbott but have always admired him and what he has done for Australia and he never got into any gutter tactics?

    Mr. Abbotts has shoes which you will never fill!

    It’s such a shame you didn’t remain in the French Alps!

    If you want to discuss my feelings feel free to contact me, somehow I don’t think I have to worry about that?

    Richard Wood.

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