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Waleed Aly is one of the most popular Australian Television presenters. Apart from being a media presenter, he is also a writer, academic, lawyer & musician. He was born in Melbourne, Australia, on 15th August 1978 to Egyptian parents Moneim Aly and Salwa Aly. He went to Wesley College where he studied International Baccalaureate during 1996 and graduated with Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) and Bachelor of Laws (with honors) degrees in 2002 from the University of Melbourne. He is married to Susan Carland since 2002 & has 2 children.

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Aly started to work as an associate to Family Court Judge in Melbourne & worked until 2007. Aly went on to become the host of ABC TV’s Big Ideas program on ABC1 and ABC News 24. He left ABC to join Channel Ten in 2014, but eventually joined back ABC in 2015. Currently, he has been working as the co-host of the Network Ten’s news and current affairs television program “The Project” & ABC’s “The Minefield”. He also writes for Fairfax Media and is a lecturer in politics at Monash University. In May 2017 Aly received a Ph.D. on global terrorism. He has been awarded many awards for his work including a Gold Logie Award for Best Personality on Australian Television.

Talking about his personal interests, Waleed prefers genuine interaction in real. That is the reason why he isn’t available in any of social networking sites.

This article contains a mini-biography of Waleed Aly along with the contact details, social profiles & vital information.

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Waleed Aly Contact Details

Waleed Aly does not wish to share any details of his personal contact in order to maintain the confidentiality.

Waleed Aly Office Address: N/A

Waleed Aly Residence Address: N/A

Waleed Aly Phone Number: N/A

Waleed Aly WhatsApp Number: N/A

Waleed Aly Fax Number: N/A

Waleed Aly Email ID: N/A

Waleed Aly Body Stats

WALEED ALY Media Presenter, Writer, Academic, Lawyer & Musician
Date of Birth 15 August 1978
Physical Stats
Height 187 cm
Weight Not Known
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Chest Not Known
Arm/ Biceps Not Known
Waist Not Known

Waleed Aly Website: N/A

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Social Profiles

Unfortunately, Waleed Aly is not available on social media.

Facebook Page: N/A

Twitter Handle: N/A

Google Plus Profile: N/A

LinkedIn Profile: N/A

YouTube Channel: N/A

Instagram Handle: N/A


7 thoughts on “Waleed Aly Contact Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Office Address

  1. Good day Whalleed congratulations on your achievements. I just want to put to you an idea for a TV show I’m pretty sure it will take off if someone of your ccalibre can start like the Graham Norton show in England with all these movies stars coming over to our country it will make it easy and sense to invite them and talk about their lives. A lot of the public audience is keen on a new show like that. Hope to hearing from you soon otherwise

  2. I hate to say this but “your lot – Muslims” have caused this. Your select Group that includes the most abhorrent cruel men and the most deplorable women with their “Mailbox” head attire are the reason for all this hatred mistrust of fellow human being. You teach young children it is okay to decapitate you teach young boys it is okay to mistreat women in the most insane inhumane manner you preach from some krapped up HOLY piece of SHIT BOOK!! Are you for real?? Wahleed you got a Logie as a token. Make no mistake you are NOT ENTERTAINING you are not humerous nor enlightening. You are a token. No body likes you Monkey boy and that is my opinion duly expressed through freedom of speech

  3. Dear Waleed,
    I was very disappointed by your famous speech about Christchurch and your holier than thou attitude. It is disingenuous of you to be so upset . Hasn’ t this happened to Coptic Christians in your native land also? Did you make an outcry and shed crocodile tears.? Wasn’t a Christian missionary lady captured by terrorists in Iraq put to a horrible death ? There are some very unpleasant aspects of the Moslem, Jewish, AND Christian faiths.

    Mohammed was the only religious leader, as far as I know, who FOUGHT WARS. This alone leaves me inclined to Buddhism and less respectful of him as a prophet, along with his having sought God’s permission to marry his last and apparently favourite wife Aisha, the ex wife of his step son. Charming.

    Women covering their heads was, I believe, only supposed to apply to his family, after the juicy Aisha arrived back at the military camp on horseback behind a dashing young captain. How putting a piece material on yourself is supposed to be respectful to God I have no idea. To me it is a male chauvinist requirement espoused as a showy thing by a few women (while wearing sexy high heels!!??). It is totally inappropriate in Australia where women had to really be equals in toil in the early days . I agree with my dear little Lebanese 59 year old English student Amina Kaduseh, (long since dead I guess) , at Punchbowl in 1983, who one day whipped off her scarf in class and said “In Australia, scarf stupid”.

    I do not condone violence under the name of any religion. At the moment we seem to be giving emphasis to one side only. Political correctness yet again.

    Personally I am still reeling from 9/11 which to me started the downward step in relations between religions and horrified me as all the Moslems I had taught had been charming and accepting

    Are Christians free to worship in any Moslem countries??

    I noted with horror Jacinda Arden donned a scarf after the atrocity. WE must don covering in Moslem countries but they do not take off their black robes in ours. Inequality and lack of respect here I would think!

    Yours very sincerely

    Margaret Coulter

    Born in Christchurch in 1935 and very proud of New Zealand and its open mindedness. Unlike any Moslem country I can think of.

  4. it really stinks to high haven that these war mongers like Waleed Aly get such a prominent platform to poison the mind of his fellow terrorists marching with cut off heads of infidels proudly across the graves of anyone who does not believe in his sordid world. Just wonder if Allah approves of Waleed.
    When I lived in Germany the first Turks I med were there for the money and not to teach me atheist to believe in there Allah or in any other not existing Deity.
    Aly grow up. Live and let Live you poor soul if you have one.

  5. Dear Waleed,
    I am a long term admirer of yours. I find you a deep and rational thinker. I don’t agree with everything you say because I too am a thinker, but I agree with nearly everything and I find it a joy to read rational, well thought out articles. I have just read your comments on the insane attacks in Sri Lanka and believe you have hit the nail right on the head.
    I am not fond of your religion, but don’t worry about that because I am not fond of any religion. If there is a God, and I don’t have any idea whether there is or not, I believe it is completely impossible to know what It wants of us – if anything.
    Once again, it is a great pleasure to read your articles.
    David Wright

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