Suzuki Customer Service Contact Number, Email ID, Headquarters Address

Suzuki ( is Japanese manufacturer of two-wheelers and four-wheelers automobiles. Products manufactured by them are cars, motorcycles, engines, ATVs and outboard motors. The slogan of the company is Way of Life. This automotive industry’s company was founded in 1909 with the name of Suzuki Loom Works. Michio Suzuki is the founder and Osamu Suzuki is the Chief Executive Officer & chairman of the company. The main headquarters is at Hamamatsu, Shizuoka.

This article is purely based on contact details of Suzuki. All the information related to Australian based company and its office is available here. Fax number, phone numbers, office address and email id is mentioned below. Many customers are searching for their customer service numbers and toll free helpline numbers. In this post we are sharing company’s official details like email id, corporate office address and social profiles of the company.

Suzuki Customer Service Contact Details


Suzuki Customer Service Numbers: 1800 777 088, +613 9931 5500
Telephonic assistance is available for customers. General enquiries and questions can be asked by calling on these numbers. These are non toll free numbers, may be chargeable as per Australian calling rates.

Suzuki Customer Service Email ID: N/A
There is no email ID available by the company.

Suzuki Head Office Address: Suzuki Australia Pty Ltd, 97 – 105 Cherry Lane, Laverton North 3026
This is main head office address of the company, all the major operations takes place here. Customers can also visit here related to their issues.

Suzuki Fax Number: +613 9931 5511
Fax your enquiries, complaints, compliments and suggestions at given number. Customer service representative will answer them within short period of time.

Suzuki Official Website:
For test drive booking, service booking, finding a dealer and general enquiries, visit official website of the company.

Social Profiles

To know more about the company, visit, like, subscribe and follow these social platforms for latest updates and more information.

Facebook Fan Page:

Twitter Handle:   

YouTube Channel:

Google Plus Page: N/A

Important Links

Contact Page:
This is Official contact page of the company. Visit here for general enquiries and enquiry form is also available here.

9 thoughts on “Suzuki Customer Service Contact Number, Email ID, Headquarters Address

  1. First I have to say thank you to the welcome letter I received from Andrew Moore, General Manager-Automobiles. To improve your customer service, feedback from customers are important.
    My feedback is I bought a brand new Suzuki Vitara Wagon S Turbo, I assume this is a new vehicle in the market & I was not happy with my purchased as the “MultiMedia ” is faulty. I bought this car from Parramatta Motor Group at corner Church & Raymond Sts., Parramatta NSW 2150.
    I would like to ask you Mr Moore, is the “MultiMedia” one of the items that is faulty in this model of car or is their some other faults that the customers doesn’t know about?
    I found out that Suzuki Australia Pty Ltd in Victoria do not deal with the
    dealers but I suppose the Suzuki company which is the manufacturer of this vehicle is responsible for any faulty items & make of this car.
    Just for your information that I put a deposit on this Vitara on 6 June 2016 and the dealer phone my husband to pick up the car on 23 June 2016, and when we went on that day we were told car not ready. It was postponed to
    30 June 2016 & on that day we waited nearly 3 hours before we can pick up the car then Service Advisor show my husband the freatures of the car & my husband noticed right there & then that the MultiMedia not working, he did not want to argue with the Service Advisor so we paid the balance & drove the car home. Then on 7 July 2016 my husband went to the dealer’s Service Center to show the technician Matthew Mears the “MultiMedia” & he confirmed its faulty. And up until now 1 August 2016 we have not heard from them. Actually I should not have paid the balance of that car until it is 100% working.
    I would really appreciate it if you can give my feed back to the Suzuki Company that manufacture this Vitara Wagon S Turbo or you can give the email & I will email them my feed back.
    Thank you so much for your time & hope that you will improve your customer service.

  2. Can anyone please inform me if Australia will be getting the new 2017 Suzuki Jimny Sierra I have been asking people at the suzuki dealership’s and they do not seem to know Would appreciate some information thanking You

    Suzuki Customer Service Phone Number, Email ID, Office…
    The heading for this article identifies Email ID. Subsequently, no email ID is identified. Please amend the article heading. Thanks.
    Disappointing to be unable to contact Customer Service via email.

  4. I would like to make a complaint about the treatment and very poor customer service and support from the service department at christies beach south Australia, i book my car in for a service a few weeks ago for the 30th December at 9am so I dropped my car off at that time and was told to pick it up at 12:30 when I returned at 12 i was told oh your car has not been done yet(what the hell!!) no phone call nothing and they didn’t even care and if I hadn’t said how disappointed i was I would have not been given a loan car,I’m so angry and disappointed with this I didn’t get to pick my car up until 16:45 that day and was still charged $299 for the pleasure.

  5. From:vasant bhai k. sapariya
    Kuvadva road ranchhodwadi gait no.1 street no.2 rajkot o2. Rajkot 360003

    Dear sir,

    Sub:default in our car Maruti Suzuki swift desire intransparancy with customer from Atul Motors. Rajkot.

    with reference to above mantion subject I would like to know that we purchased Maruti Suzuki – swift

    desire – VDI dt 17/10/2015 GJ-03-HR-0678 from atul motors p. ltd Rajkot.

    may last service made on 06/12/16 They changed engine oil and oil filter as per company rules on that

    time my car ran 9734 km as per display meter.

    on 02/02/17 at evening time my car stopped forcefully due to engine fault. on that time It was run on

    12600 km. it run only 2866 km after installing engine oil and oil filter.

    I phone immidiatly, They picked up on 03/02/17 They didn”t communicate till 12/02/17 about the actual

    condition of my car we receive letter on dt 13/02/17 as you pick up your car as earliest possible by you

    otherwise 150rs charged per day.

    we felt bad by communication and intransperancy of the management . it was never been instruct to us

    as a customer about engine oil,as per fault and condition of my car I think they are misleading about the

    procedures of my car.

    I would like to request to provide favourable and promt responce.

    thank you.

    Vasant sapariya.

  6. Following on from my letter to Suzuki Australia Pty Ltd (Laverton North, Melbourne) dated 23 March 2017, I promptly received a response dated 28 March 2017 advising that my letter had been forwarded to Suzuki Auto Company (Eagle Farm, Brisbane). As it has now been just a touch over two months since I received this letter, I take it that no one is really interested in dealing with my issue, and that I should altogether forget about considering Suzuki as reliable when it comes to their vehicles and customer service. As we are now nearing the end of another financial year, I will now start visiting other car manufacturers for a deal on a new vehicle.

  7. It seems to me that the main complaint is that Suzuki do not answer any of there complaints. What does one have to do to get an answer ?

  8. I would like to share with you my incredibly negative experience of purchasing a new Suzuki S-Cross from noble Suzuki Chullora (121 Hume Highway) and insist something be done to compensate me for my wasted time and stress caused.
    I picked up my new car on Friday the 14/07/2017 and drove it home. I did not drive it until Monday the 17th to and from work that takes approximately 15 minutes. I drove to work once again on the 18th and on the way in the morning the car started showing signs of problems. It began to start and stop, eventually stopping and stranding me in the middle of a major intersection. It took over an hour for a tow truck to arrive and collect the car. I was stuck in the middle of an intersection during peak hour traffic, which was incredibly dangerous and stressful.
    The car was then towed back to the dealership. I got to work and rang the dealership to notify them the car was being towed. I was met with someone asking if I had an appointment. I then had to explain that this was a brand new car and only after a very distressing conversation I was told someone would ring me.
    I heard nothing from Suzuki for hours and rang again during my lunch break. I finally got through to someone who told me I could come pick my car up. This was incredibly unhelpful, as I had no mode of transport to get from Menai to Chullora and was told to make my own way there to come get a car that should have not had an issue in the first place.
    It took three weeks for the service centre to find the fault. In the mean time I was given a small car to drive around. This was completely unacceptable, a day or so would be acceptable, but this completely complicated my life. This smaller car was totally unsuitable to the amount of goods I had to transport around for work, and had a negative effect on my arthritis having to get in and out of a lower car for three weeks.
    I picked up the car on August 11th. The service centre informed me that the fault was an electrical issue relating to the fuel pump and it was fixed, and a new ‘harnessing assembly’ was ordered from Germany. I was also told I’d be notified when it had arrived.
    I left the dealership with a filthy car and a windscreen that I then had to stop and clean at a nearby petrol station immediately, and later pay to have the car totally cleaned. The car was not like this when I dropped it off. And it’s unfortunate that it was not cleaned, as other car companies have done this when I’ve had other cars serviced.
    After running some errands I began to drive the car home around 4pm. I was driving down the Hume Highway in high amounts of traffic when I went over a shallow bump in the road and the car lost power once again. I was able to manoeuvre the car down the hill into the left hand lane where it stopped completely. Yet again having to go through this incredibly stressful and dangerous event after being told the car was fixed. I was helped by a fellow motorist to push the car around a corner, and out of the traffic jam building up behind me.
    I rang Suzuki once again and Paul sent a mechanic to pick me up. I was offered a larger car to take me home however took the same smaller car that I knew worked and had been forced to drive during the three weeks my actual car was being ‘fixed’.
    On the 14th of August I received a phone call from Paul at the service centre to notify me that the car was fixed again and ready to pick up. I asked for the car to be washed, and it was. The car I had been given to me as a replacement was then meticulously checked over for dents and scratches (which was incredibly patronising and unnecessary considering the situation).
    I was then given back my car and told that he (Paul) would be in contact with me. Unsurprisingly at this point I received no contact from Paul after that point, and the next day relieved an email survey where I made my feelings known about how I’d been treated.
    Finally after another week I received a call from Nick at Noble Suzuki with an apology for the upset and inconvenience. I requested that there be some sort of compensation for the way I’ve been treated throughout this whole ordeal as well as having a brand new car totally stop working putting myself into unnecessary danger and huge amounts of stress.
    I suggested that Suzuki provide me with a replacement for my new car or be given three years free servicing to ensure that I don’t have to pay for any more mistakes on Suzukis part. Also, be reimbursed for the cost of having the car cleaned after it left the dealership the first time, and the cost of the tow truck.
    He told me that he would speak to Suzuki and get back to me by that Wednesday. He did not contact me that Wednesday, but rather by the manager (Henry) saying they’re still in the process of contacting Suzuki in Melbourne.
    A week passed and heard nothing, so I called Noble and asked to speak to the manager and was told the manager would call me back. By 4.30pm I’d heard nothing so I rang again and insisted that I talk to the manager. Finally, ten minutes later the manager (Henry) returned the call and said he was very busy and he would get Suzuki to ring me back. He rang me back again saying he was unable to get in contact with Suzuki but would let the new manager (Bassell) know to call.
    Yet again, another week passed with no response. I rang Nobel Suzuki again and spoke to the new manager. He informed me that there was a meeting set on Friday with Suzuki to discuss these issues. I rang the following week and was told by Bassell that the meeting had been cancelled and another was set for that week and he would ring me.
    On Wednesday the 20th of September, over two months since the issue began, I received a text message saying:
    ‘Again my sincere apologies for the inconvenience. I have been trying to get an answer from Suzuki, I didn’t succeed in getting an answer yesterday, once they respond I will inform you immediately’
    I have heard nothing from Suzuki and as stated in the previous paragraph this has been going on for over two months. The treatment of my by Suzuki has been atrocious; the number of times I had to call after being told I would be called. Having to chase up an issue that was caused by Suzuki and not me. Not to mention being stranded in a dangerous and stressful situation not once but twice. This has been over two months of inconvenience and stress caused by Suzuki providing me with a faulty product, being unable to properly fix the product in a reasonable amount of time, and having such a low level of and incompetent customer service from Nobel Suzuki. On top of all of that I’ve had to write a long letter about my experiences, that Suzuki should be well aware of by now and going out of their way to assist me.
    I am yet to be provided with this new ‘harnessing assembly’ that I was told had been ordered months ago. I am yet to be contacted by Suzuki with a proper apology and compensation for what has happened to me. I am still uncomfortable driving the car that has been returned to me and would like to see some positive action.

  9. I have a 1992 Jimny that I want to flat tow behind my motor home. My owners manual is in Japanese (which I don’t read) so I don’t know the proper way to set the transfer case and transmission. Can you help me please?

    Thank you so much.

    Bob Riney
    Vero Beach, Florida USA

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