Australian Catholic University (ACU) Contact Address, Phone Number, Email ID

Australian Catholic University (ACU) ( is a public university of Australia. The Australian government provide funds to it. This university is known for student empowerment. It provides equal access to all students for getting education from ACU. It helps to provide a bright future to each student through excellent job opportunities. Here students can get a great experience by meeting different type of people around the university. There is a opportunity of international internships in more than 16 countries.

This university offers courses for undergraduates, postgraduates, research degrees. Students can do study in different streams as per their interest like law and business, Health Sciences, Education and Arts, Theology and Philosophy. It gives scholarship and financial help to the deserving students.

This university was established in year 1991. This university has Seven campus across the Australia. Geogory Craven is Vice-chancellor of ACU. The total number of students are 24,663 according to the counting of year 2002.

In this article we provide you all the details regarding Australian Catholic University(ACU). It contains all the elements like contact numbers, head office details, official website, other e mail addresses, and other important details.


ACU Office Contact Details


If the students want any information, regarding studies or any other details they can contact to the organization premises. We provide you all the basic details regarding the university as follow:

Australian Catholic University Address: 1100 Nudgee Rd, Banyo QLD 4014, Australia
It is the address of the university campus; students can visit there for any kind of query related to admissions, classes, and subjects and so on.

Australian Catholic University Office Phone Number: 61 7 3623 7100
This is the main campus number of the university.

Australian Catholic University General Inquiry Phone Number:

Campus Contact Number
Ballarat 03 5336 5300
Brisbane 07 3623 7100
Canberra 02 6209 1100
Melbourne 03 9953 3000
North Sydney 02 9739 2368
Strathfield 02 9701 4000
Adelaide 03 9953 3986

These are the contact details of the premises; students can do their inquiries in between the college timings. All the calls are attended by the university members and they reply back with the best possible decisions.

Australian Catholic University Campus Address:

Campus Address
Ballarat 1200 Mair Street Ballarat Victoria 3350
Brisbane 1100 Nudgee Road Banyo Queensland 4014
Canberra 223 Antill Street Watson ACT 2602
Melbourne The Mary Glowrey Building, 115 Victoria Parade Fitzroy Victoria 3065
North Sydney 40 Edward Street North Sydney NSW 2060
Strathfield 25A Barker Road Strathfield NSW 2135
Adelaide 116 George Street Thebarton South Australia 5031

Visit the university campuses personally where you want to take admission as per your convenience.

Australian Catholic University Postal Address:

Campus Postal Address
Ballarat PO Box 650 Ballarat Victoria 3350
Brisbane PO Box 456 Virginia Queensland 4014
Canberra PO Box 256 Dickson ACT 2602
Melbourne Locked Bag 4115 Fitzroy MDC Fitzroy Victoria 3065
North Sydney PO Box 968 North Sydney NSW 2059
Strathfield Locked Bag 2002 Strathfield NSW 2135
Adelaide PO Box 412 Torrensville Plaza SA 5031

Students can send their written inquiries to these postal addresses of the university campuses.

Ask Acu Contact Centre Contact Number: 1300 275 228
The Ask ACU Contact Centre is open 9am – 5pm (AEDT) and is your first point of contact for all inquiries related to your proposed or current enrollment at ACU. If you have an inquiry about your studies at ACU, contact Ask ACU.

Ask ACU Contact Centre Email Address: [email protected]
If you are not able to get into contact with the university faculty then send your inquiries at this email address.

Australian Catholic University Official Website:
It is an official site of the university, all the latest programs, fests, subjects, research related programs all the inquiry is there on this site. ACU is a great place to meet people and have new experiences. Each campus student association hosts events such as barbecues, balls and concerts. There are also clubs, societies and sporting events such as ACU Games and University Games.


Social Profiles

Facebook Fan Page:

Twitter Handle:

YouTube Channel:

Google Plus: N/A

Linked In Profile:

Instagram Handle:

We refer students to follow the university on social sites like twitter and Facebook other mentioned links. All the updates are first updated on these social sites.

Important Links

Contact Page:
Visit this link for more details related to the contact details of this university.

Want to join this as a career? Go through the above mention link to know more about latest jobs, current opportunities and many more.
This link will redirect you to the official contact page where you can find all the information and all important phone numbers. For 24/7 answers to your frequently asked questions, check out this link.



2 thoughts on “Australian Catholic University (ACU) Contact Address, Phone Number, Email ID

  1. I also forgot to say she could not dance again, something she had done from three and when she was dropped they made her get home herself, and continually made her walk up stairs and steps. She could have had her neck broken. They refuse to pay for anything even though it was done in front of a whole class with the teacher telling her she would hold her. We could not pay for the operation as we had no money left at the time.

    Then there was the people that put nails under the tyres on our car and egged it; a gang that came to the front door; phone calls all night; people that rented my house at Kinglake and made it very clear they knew ‘all about us and what we had done’; the tenants that changed our chimney and nearly asphyxiated next tenants, they also damaged our water pump, damaged our in-ground water pump, cracked our brand new aluminium motor mower, and used our ride-on-mower as a slasher; on and on it went all because we said my daughter had gone to a camp at Campaspe River with the school and a man called Michael had talked absolute filth. I rang the school and they never even bothered to tell the owner. These are teachers that are supposed to love children and deeply care for them and their welfare.

    Told the kids what he had done to his wife the night before; called the boys ‘Poofs’ and asked how they did it; asked the girls if they did ‘rainbow lips’ and promised to come back into the bedrooms of the year 7 girls huts that night.

    Then the teacher that for Medieval studies had to not only read about ‘witchcraft’ ( Objective) but to come and dress as their favourite dead person into a blacked out room to do a séance (Subjective) or fail history.

    On and on it went and I was foolish enough to report these things to Mary Bluetts – I actually spoke to her on the phone, then the Education Department – Faye Thomas. Next I took my daughter’s excellent report along with all of the report the other two had received to Mary Dalahunty. What a mistake. I never saw the reports again; was not contacted by anyone except Faye Thomas recommending I go to the Adolescent Unit of The Austin Hospital to let her change schools easily. I could go on for hours writing what was done to us and to me in particular outside of school. My daughter suffered in schools – ten in all but she still stayed on to complete high school.

    From: Fayre Lakeman [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Wednesday, 31 August 2016 6:39 PM
    To: ‘[email protected]
    Subject: Bullying

    Hello, I wish you well with your current problem with the government (your party). I stood up for what was right against the Teacher’s Union (Mary Bluett) and the Education Department.
    We (my family) were blacklisted, viciously lied about even into any church we attended; my daughter who was very, very ill (glandular fever so bad she was hospitalised, asthma stress induced eczema) bullied; dropped on her knees from a bar while doing a cartwheel there that she said she could not do; shuffled from school to school while teachers advised parents to keep their child away from her. Then my son; you may know of it because I took on Slater & Gordon regarding it.

    I was convinced to go to The Austin Hospital to get a certificate so she could change schools and from there they were going to put her into a State Dept. of Human Services situation that would have killed her had she gone there at that time. For my part they asked me to go to that hospital to see if what I was saying was the truth and then they held me illegally for almost ten weeks without going before the Mental Health Board. A similar thing happened when I continued to complain.

    You in fact live near Lillian Francis in the high rise housing commission flats in Barkly Street in Brunswick. She was told to keep away from me too. She is a dear, dear lady and did not take their advice.

    Look I send this to you so you can consider yourself lucky that you have a lot of people behind you and especially the CFA. I lived in the country and know that they are wonderful as well as a stable continual social contact for each other and especially for those that do not drink or go to the usual places of contact.

    I actually believed in the Labor Party and stood up to the Jeffery Kennett on their behalf. I wrote letter everywhere and I could not/cannot believe they would have done what they have done to my sick 14 year old child and to my disabled son that was actually a member of the CFMEU.

    For caring about children just as you care about the people in the CFA I have lost my friends, family on both sides of my own as well as my husband’s; owe as much on my one house as I did for two; no longer go to church; make sure no one I know ever goes near the Mental Health community in any way; no longer believe this country is the place I thought it was. You will know of what has been done to us and you will also know I do not have access to the media as there is a blanket suppression order in both the parliament and the media.

    You have no idea how it feels to be treated like the lowest form of life when all you wanted to do was make it right for children that were being seriously mistreated.

    I will not go on but I do know you are absolutely know you are telling the truth and when they treated us as they did instead of just discussing it and actually acting to set things right the ‘LIGHT ON THE HILL’ went out. I was totally discreet and it was not only unnecessary ut totally immoral to do what they did to me and mine/

    Kind regards,
    Fayre Lakeman.

    PS it has taken us eighteen years to get our lives back on course even if we have not got friends and financial security or anyway to go places we should at our age be able to afford to travel; not to mention my daughter’s education that was severely compromised.

  2. I sent the last email in the hope you would understand what happened to us. Churches including Archbishop George Pell had the opportunity to do something about it but he did nothing.
    To stop something you must stop it at the first sign of anything that goes against the Word of God. Jesus told us we must stand together in prayer and to be left and treated as we were left everyone open to what is now going on against the church.

    I intended these two emails for Dr. Kevin Donnelly.

    Thank you for reading them.

    Kind regards,
    Fayre Lakeman

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