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Anthony Norman Albanese is an Australian Politician, born on 2nd March, 1963 in Sydney, Australia. He previously held the position for The Deputy Prime Minister of Australia. He’s been in Australian House of Representatives since 1996. Albanese represents Grayndler in the Parliament and currently serves as Spokesperson for Australia Labor Party.

Anthony Albanese was raised by a single mother. He went to St. Joseph’s primary school and St. Mary’s Cathedral College in Sydney. Albanese worked in a Commonwealth Bank for two year. He then studies Economics at University of Sydney. There he got involved in Politics and was elected to Students’ Representative Council. After this, he worked as Research Officer to Tom Uren who was Minister for Local Government and Administrative Services. In 1989, he became Assistant General Secretary of New South Wales Branch of Australian Labor Party and handled it for 6 years.


In 1996, Albanese won from Grayndler in a difficult campaign. He won by 16 points. The issue in that area was aircraft noise because of third runway on Sydney Airport. Predictors said otherwise about winning the elections.

  • He sat in the opposition from 1996-2007. In 1998, Albanese became Parliamentary Secretary. In 2001, he handled Shadow Ministry for Ageing and Seniors.
  • In 2002, he became Shadow Minister for Employment Services and Training.
  • In 2004, for Environment and Heritage.

In 2007, Labor Party won and Albanese was promoted to be Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development and Leader of Representatives in the House in Rudd Government.


In 2013, he became The Deputy Prime Minister and took responsibilities for Digital Economy, Broadband and Communications. He believed from the starting that Infrastructure and Transport are the key to achieve Digital Economy. He has worked hard to improve immigration policies, healthcare and worked on pollution remediation in his constituency.

He likes to play Tennis and listening to Music. He is non-practicing Catholic. He is married to Carmel Tebutt and they have one son.

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  1. I am writing to you about the politicions pensions tony abbott should not be getting one he is not 65. I want the age pension lower so do others we put our position on facebook. Please help me i have written to that turnbull he never got back to me. Why can’t we have the age pension back to 60 .All the ministers are getting paid more on the pension then anybody else it has to stop. Another thing turnbull is spending 50 million on a submarine that where the pensioners money he is taken of them going wrong.I hope he doesn’t have a nice xmas want something done. Te labour doesn’t care about my feelings you should have a look at facebook read some of the comments & you will see what i mean . So please let me know it is only fair for us 60 to get age pension if abbott can get it we can to he is only 60.

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