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Andrew Bolt is a well-known Australian personality who is known for his journalist occupation. This article is prepared for all those users who want to interact with this personality.  From below blog, you will get Andrew Bolt intact details such as Andrew Bolt contact number, Andrew Bolt email ID, Andrew Bolt residence address, Andrew Bolt email IDs, Andrew Bolt office address etc. Below tables contains these details according to their subjects. Other section will provide you Andrew Bolt social profiles such as Andrew Bolt Facebook, Andrew Bolt Twitter, Andrew Bolt Instagram along with his official website.

Andrew Bolt

Andrew Bolt is a famous Australian journalist who is better known for his political comments and views. This multitalented guy is a journalist, editor, columnist, radio broadcaster, anchor, radio host. Andrew has worked at different known platforms like The Herald and Weekly Times (HWT), The Herald, Herald Sun, Sky News Australia and News Corp Australia. He is currently a columnist at Herald Sun and host on The Bolt Report show. His name always tops in headlines because of his bold political comments and views. You can also read about Erin Molan, Yumi Stynes, Tracy Grimshaw and Tommy Little.

About/Wiki Andrew Bolt

Andrew’s Birth Name  Andrew Bolt
Andrew Bolt DOB  26 September 1959

Andrew Bolt was born in Adelaide on 26 September 1959. He got married to Sally Morrell in the year 1989.

What are the Phone Numbers of Andrew Bolt?

Andrew Bolt Personal Phone Number  N/A
Andrew Bolt Whatsapp Number  N/A
Andrew Bolt Mobile Number  N/A
Andrew Bolt Office Phone Number  N/A
Andrew Bolt Fax Number  N/A

We couldn’t find the contact numbers of Andrew Bolt. When the details are available to us, we will publish them here.

What are the Email IDs of Andrew Bolt?

Andrew Bolt Personal Email ID  N/A
Andrew Bolt Office Email ID  N/A

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What are the Contact Addresses of Andrew Bolt?

Andrew Bolt Residence Address  Australia
Andrew Bolt Office Address  Sky News Australia Office, Australia

Andrew Bolt has worked with Sky News Australia Office for a long time. Their managing team might help you in contacting him.

Official Website: N/A

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Facebook Fan Page (Show)
Twitter Handle
Instagram Handle  N/A
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Snapchat ID  N/A

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15 thoughts on “Andrew Bolt Contact Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website, Office

  1. I have just received a letter from Porters lawyers telling me that they act for a number of former students at Marist College, Burnie. They are interviewing as many former students, parents and teachers as possible about the behavior of relevant teachers and priests.
    They believe, incorrectly, that I may have been a student at the college between the 1960s and 1980s and would like to discuss any information I might have that could assist their clients.
    It would seem that the victim industry is having exponential growth.

  2. Andrew, my wife Beverley was quarantined the Friday before the Saturday cutoff of the Morrison Government. It seemed the NSW Govt had an earlier date. Beverley flew into Sydney after a cruise in Antarctica.
    They were bussed off to the 5 star Novotel hotel in Darling Harbour.
    The thing is they have had plenty of quarantines escaping from the hotel in spite of two policemen on her floor( the eighth). Almost seems pointless not releasing the others!

  3. McGowan law in West Russia
    Allowed to sit and rest on bench outside shopping center in
    Cockburn West Australia but moved on by security if drinking
    a take away coffee even when sitting alone 20 meters fom anyone
    What is the agenda here, could this be a practice run for future
    control This bloke is totally out of control,we are living in a total police
    state. The above happened to me this afternoon.

  4. AndrewBolt. Heard on our news bulletin ABC Radio that the Federal Government is giving the go ahead to start exporting goods to China. I am thoroughly disgusted about this. Have these people got no compassion towards the sick, the thousands of people that have died or everyone that is locked in their homes world wide because of the Chinese government, not the citizens of China themselves. I live in Southern Tasmania and i think that the exporters here have been pushing for this. It’s time we stopped dealing with China altogether and found other markets until something changes in that country. Money before peoples lives it looks like unfortunately.

  5. Congratulations on standing firm on the Pell miscarriage and
    now being so comprehensibly vindicated.
    The isues so plainly set out in para.119 and so obvious all along
    pose the next question and one which,conspiracy theories aside,
    must now be persued to the end:
    why did experienced and supposedly independent prosecutors
    proceed in the face of the impasse?
    I doubt whether any can recall a prosecution of similar circumstances.
    Such in the past would have been summarily dscontinued.
    Why this prosecution was commenced must be revealed,including
    what is known of the Rolling Stone article and the psychological history.
    The late” master” Bill Knight must be struggling to get out.

  6. To Andrew Bolt,

    Great job helping to clear Card. Pell from the claws and clutches of the Victorian Government and the ABC!

    I sent a complaint to Ita, why the ABC has now come out with more alleged victims?

    It should have waited till after the Court decision today and not try to dirty the water around Cardinal Pell to make sure the smell that they perpetrated would linger in the publics mind.

    The Austraian Government ABC has proven again they are unfit and are not neutral or unbigotted.

    I note the ABC Board has 6 women and 3 men. That’s not balanced like they want everyone else to be.

    Congratulations Bolty! I only believed your version of events from the start and you have again proved you are a hero.

    Regards Andrew (another dutchman)

  7. Andrew U R so right Pell at last has received justice the lack of equity re sexual abuse accusation between State & Church is deplorable, as a victim of sexual abuse while in state care (state ward) its hard to get justice I did but at a price failed suicide and financial loss and excommunicated from the Church it was impossible for Pell to have and dealing with the boy he had 6 minutes I have written to his barrister a number of times Andrew I have by my solicitors hand have filed documents in QLD Crown Law it will be interesting because I don’t believe they can answer, not being sued for my allegations I wait I have been advised under legislation the Crown has until 29th May to reply I look forward to this date the Royal Commission into Sexual Abuse lacked equity it was a Catholic bashing exercise allegations of abuse against state Crown employees were not investigated if the same interrogation as the Catholic received to Crown employees it would have made the Church look saintly a number of Commissioner on the R.C. was questionable The FORDE Inquiry QLD the finding were not handed to the QPS Andrew my assailant received 3.5 year many state wards in QLD are waiting for justice.

  8. Andrew, just reading ‘The Innocent Man’ by John Grisham……….. an awful lot of similarities to cardinal Pell’s case……..

  9. Andrew, your interview last night was outstanding and it bought out the real George Pell. thanks so much for helping him and others as you do.

  10. Andrew Bolt
    YOU helped me restore faith in decency, people who truly believe in the goodness of others and in our media, which has been seriously disgraced. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you and what you have done in revealing the good, the truth, an indisputable honesty of a man treated so shockingly. I thank you. I thank you so much. I just thank you. And I thank George Pell for his intrepid faith. A man not undone even slightly, by the sheer evil of others.
    I really would be happy if the ABC were disbanded and reconstituted. I mean it.
    Antonia Howarth-Wass

  11. Andrew. Thankyou for all your effort regarding Cardinal George Pell… have ‘intestinal fortitude’ you will be rewarded in someway……keep up the good work we need men like you!!!!!!!!!!Cardinal Pell has me made me think my Catholic values…….my teaching by the Nuns which at the time was discipline plus……pity they still aren.t around!!!!!!

  12. Dear Andrew
    Just seen your comment on Paul Barry’s Media Comment. You ought yo know Andrew thst the issue is not whether hydroxychloroquine is a safe remedy or not, the issue is that NO president, PM, non medical professional should be giving such ‘advice’ on-air or anywhere else unless they are qualified to do it, which he is not. I am just horrified thst you fail to get the point, grasp the issue, and nobody who IS a medical professional would endorse your or Trumps comments. How he is still doing this just astonishes.
    Equally we could say nobody is equipped to give advice on whether Pell is guilty or not except a court of law, and there was a time when courts had status but not anymore apparently, because all those journos at the ABC know better. But they don’t and they should be taken to task for influencing the public, falsely, about something about such they know nothing. This is not being vicious. Just sane and decent. They have no right to harm a person, George Pell or any other by their false, bigotted, biased rhetoric. You know this. Also playing Nick Minchin’s song should be a legal offence.
    It is horrific. Just horrendous. This is a man who for most of his life, has served the public. How on earth can he survive such unproven allegations, which have been put under scrutiny by the highest court in the land. I am horrified. About David Speers too, not to mention Ita Buttrose.
    Best wishes
    Antonia Howarth-Wass

  13. Andrew, I have just watched your show (The Bolt Report) this evening (5th of May). Following your coverage of Dr Annaliese van Diemen’s disgusting tweet comparing Covid-19 with the arrival of Captain Cook I decided to see what qualifications this woman has to make comments about anything. So, I investigated her publication record in Health Sciences using the PubMed site that is the database for scientific publications. Annaliese van Diemen is a junior author on a multi-author publication on only one (1) peer reviewed publication. So how she is able to comment or advise on public health matters beggars belief. She probably has little knowledge of Virology or Molecular Biology and like many medically trained individuals pontificate about topics they know very little about. Unfortunately, this is a sad lesson that I have learnt through this covid-19 pandemic. I only hope that her unfortunate tweet was also the result of ignorance because I could ignore it if I thought that she was ignorant.

    I really enjoy your show particularly as I cannot bear to watch the Adhern sycophants that call themselves journalists in NZ. Keep up the good work if only to keep us kiwis informed.

    Cheers David Musgrave

  14. Andrew, you should not criticise Alan Jones to much especially over the NZ Prime minister, as every time she shoots her mouth off regarding Australia she costs us a squillion dollars.
    Think the constitutional problems in our Parliament, why the lawyer from WA gave her and not the Australian Govt the details, who knows, but she should have known better than to raise it in her Parliament.
    She also shot he mouth off regarding Manus and Narau saying NZ would welcome the asylum seekers, which resulted in a shipload of people leaving India to go to NZ, they told the Indians provisioning the ship they could sneak into Australia once in NZ. 320 people left their identity documents behind, which was part of the reason for reopening Christmas island.
    This means every trafficker in south east asia and the subcontinent are listening to everything politicians from Australia and NZ say.
    Now she wants to play Kissy Kissy to get more tourists from Australia.
    Kiwi politicans are fair weather friends of ours especially the Labor ones, think the ANZUS treaty.

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