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Strandbags Customer Service Phone Number, Email ID, Office Address

Strandbags (strandbags.com.au) is a most popular store of Australia for Bags, you could say it’s a destination of customers for having bags. This company has more than 260 stores across the New Zealand and Australia. Here you would get bags for school, business, travel Accessories and extensive range of handbags. This company has experience of many years and it will help you to find fantastic and right bags for you. There are different offers for the loyal customers and you will get trend alerts and offers on many products for the member customers of the company. You can buy products of Guess, Flylite, Bluebird, Marikai, Colorado, Lanza etc. This company was established in 1927 and based in Australia.

Users search contact number, email address, shipping charges, return policy or many more details regarding the online shopping sites. we are going to share in this article  contact number, official website, head office details, social links to follow publically for the daily updates and some important links to find a job, store on the nearest place and contact details. For more details scroll down and check the given information.

Strand Bags Customer Service Contact Details

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Strand Bags Customer Service Number: 61 2 9479 7777
Customer service representatives are available to answer questions about products, shipping, and returns. Their hours of operation are 9am – 5pm AEST from Monday to Friday. Feel free to call and get the answers.

Strand Bags Customer Service Email ID: N/A
This Company is providing its service online via contact page. You can send mail on that page.

Strand Bags Headquarters Address:  2 Minna Close, Austlink Corporate Park, Belrose, NSW 2085, Australia
This is the head office address o the company and you can make contact with the company through this address.

Strandbags Postal Address: Locked Bag 77, St.Ives, NSW 2075, Australia
Use this postal address for writing anything to the company related to orders, products or services.

Strand Bags Office Phone Number: 61 2 9479 7777

Strand Bags Office Fax Number: 61 2 9450 0679
Use this fax number if you need to send any document or order to the company.

Strand Bags Official Website: strandbags.com.au
Visit the site and get the latest and updated information of the company, Select the products and add them to your shopping cart. Check the discount options and other links for the detailed information about the products. Be the members of company and avail exclusive offers.

Social Profiles

You can visit, like and follow these social profiles link for latest updates and more information.

Facebook Fan Page: facebook.com/StrandbagsStores

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/strandbags

LinkedIn Profile: N/A

Instagram Handle: instagram.com/strandbags

Pinterest Profile: N/A

YouTube Channel: N/A

Important Links

Contact Page: strandbags.com.au/contact-us
If you have any questions about the products, you are worried about ordering online or you Want to check the status of your order then Reach out and talk to them anytime by mail, phone, or contact form. They’ll get you a reply as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions: N/A
Many of the customers, search for FAQ section for clearing their doubts, but there is no link to FAQ, but you can ask for your questions from the support team.

Career Page: strandbags.com.au/employment
They know, they are only as good as their people. That’s why they invest in their staff, offering training and development, plenty of interesting career opportunities, and of course incentives for strong performers.

Store Locator: strandbags.com.au/store-locator
Find the nearest store according to your location with the help of this link.

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  • Mrs. Fiona Whatham September 11, 2016, 6:18 pm

    I purchased a Colarado clutch purse from Strand Bags Salamander Bay and am very disappointed with this product. When filled with my credit and other cards it is almost impossible to retrieve them and most embarrassing when wanting to use them for payment or identification. On measuring the width of the card slots I find that the width is only 6 1/2 cms. This size is far too small to accomodate cards. On purchasing a Laura Jones purse ( also from Strand Bags ) because of the problem I find that the slots measure 8 cms and are suitable for Australian cards. The manager of Strand Bags at Salamander Bay did not consider there was a problem. Two other assistants agreed the slots were unmanageable. I hope you can help me in this matter . I am happy to receive a store credit As I regularly shop at Strand Bags and have had excellent service in the past.
    Yours faithfully
    Fiona Whatham

  • Helen Harvey December 29, 2016, 12:44 am

    I recenty purchased a Colorado purse from your store in Whyalla. There was a sign saying up to 50%off selected styles. Upon opening the purse there was a 30% off card inside the item so naturally I thought I was going to get a discount as advertised. When I went to the counter to pay I was advised that the item was full price $89.99. When I questioned this and stated that it was advertised as 30% off I was told someone has left that in accidentally. When I questioned this further I was told “we don’t do that” (as in honour the advertised price). Obviously I am not happy with this response as it’s not my fault that the staff haven’t checked their stock correctly and taken out the discount cards. I am a regular shopper at Strandbags and find this very disappointing as usually the service is very good.

  • Janet Fedczyszyn January 2, 2017, 6:49 am

    I have been putting my details in to activate my loyalty
    card , and for some reason i do not have the card to put
    my details in , i have been shopping at strandbags for a few years
    when purchasing a handbag a few weeks ago the shop
    assistant ask me to go on line and fill in my details,
    as i have not done it as yet i don’t have a card yet my details are in the store
    can you please help me in what to do as i do not have a card should i contact Northgate shopping centre strandbags of this to get my correct information thank you.
    Janet Fedczyszyn,

  • Mrs M Feeney January 5, 2017, 9:47 am

    Since last July & have been trying to stop Strand Bags from sending their Junk advert (Norply) e-mails & have time & time & time again to find them to have them stopped but I can’t. Strand Bags hide themselves very well & I am sick of it. 2 months ago I was told I have cancer, have Stand Bags any idea or do they care about all the stress & upset they cause people.. I won’t be buying any of their bags again, they have no morals.

  • pauline Lewis January 5, 2017, 10:44 pm

    I purchased a medium size suit case and a matching carry on case the brand iS LILY BLOOM.thinking they would be ideal for my Taiwan trip They were purchase at the Richmond NSW Australia store,
    By the time i arrived at Sydney International having travelled on the train and then changing trains to the airport,by the time I arrived the wheels where badly marked and worn and the small case rattled the whole time.
    I arrive in Taiwan collected my luggage and nearly had to drag it to the arrival lounge which was quite some distance . How on earth I am suppose to return to Australia next week dragging this stuff around the airport. Just as a matter of interest my luggage weighed in at 26kilos and 6kilos respectively. The acceptable weight for international travel is 30ks.
    I fell like ditching these bags and buying some decent ones in Taiwan at half the price. I am planning to return her for the birth of my grandson in April and frequent visits thereafter. These cases wouldnt last the distance.
    I have always been so happy with anything I purchased from strand throughtout the years. The staff at the Richmond NSW are extremely helpful everytime. I would appreciate your thoughts and advise thankyou

  • pauline Lewis January 5, 2017, 10:45 pm

    I have taken photos of these cases

  • Suzette Guirguis January 22, 2017, 12:41 am

    Dear Sir/Madam
    Thank you for your email and for sending me a welcome voucher of 30%. I went down to top Ryde city to see if I can buy something and take advantage of the 30% discount. Surprise, surprise most of the merchandise they have in the store have a 50 to 70% discount which means much cheaper than an original product minus 30%. Is that fair to give as a welcome a voucher of 30% when you know quite well that if I buy a sale product the discount will be more than 30%? I would have been very graatful that the first time you welcome a client to give a 30% discount voucher regardless of a sale product or not.

  • Clara Lazzoppina June 21, 2017, 7:31 pm

    I purchased 2 high sierra back pack on lay-by for NAVARRO LARGE BACKPACK
    PRODUCT CODE: 3127718 in November 2016
    the product since has come apart from the zip and went to exchange for another one but had none of the same color in stock so exchanged it for red one and had to pay difference of $25.01. I do not understand why i had to pay the difference same backpack just different color not happy with result.
    if I had taken the other blue color would I have received a refund because it is now $59.00 a cheaper price than I purchased it.

  • Jane Jenkins July 5, 2017, 6:59 pm

    I have received a voucher for an EXTRA 10% off a purchase I may make, however, as it can only be used on current marked prices how can it be an EXTRA 10% if there is nothing off it already!
    Or can it be used on items that have already be marked down?

    Thank you
    Jane Jenkins

  • Tamara Maisey September 8, 2017, 12:32 am

    Left Belmont store in tears. Had purchased $300 plus worth of items on the Wednesday. Due to having done the grocery shopping Natalie offered to keep my purchased items in their storeroom. A lovely and considerate gesture. Went to collect my purchased items with a look to purchase an overnight bag. Again was assisted by a lovely lady. The manager Mandy gave me a lecture about not coming in with my receipt. She reduced me to tears, I walked out. I will never shop at this store again. No family member of mine will shop in your store, Word Of Mouth.

  • Christine Leske December 15, 2017, 2:13 am

    I have been a Strandbags shopper for a very long time. I purchased a Valenti Flapover bag valued at $159 from your Victor Harbor SA store at the end of June. I took it home and placed it in my walk-in robe ready for an overseas trip we took in August. I used the bag for 18 days while we were away. 7 of those days we were on a ship so it was barely used then. By the time we returned home the bag looked like I had been using it for 50 years. The gold lettering had worn off, the bag looks badly worn. The interior is still in excellent condition. The day we landed back home I had to go straight to the rest Home to be with my father for his final hours of his life. For the next few weeks I was predisposed with interstate family staying, arranging my fathers funeral and his estate. All of this time I was also unwell. At the end of October I took the bag back to the store. The sales assistant said she couldn’t do anything and asked me to come back when the manager was back. I returned to the store 3 days later to speak to the new manager who wasn’t there when I made the purchase. I told her what I have outlined above and she told me it looked like wear and couldn’t do anything for me. I agreed with her that it did look like wear but had only been used 18 days. I found her very rude. I wasn’t prepared to leave it at that so she said she would show the regional manager. Three and a half weeks later I popped into the shop and was told he hadn’t been. A few days later I received a call to say I could come and pick up my bag as I would not be receiving an exchange or refund. I am very dissatisfied with my treatment and the outcome. I will not be shopping at Strandbags again.

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