KFC Australia Customer Service Phone Number, Email ID, Office Address

Kentucky Fried Chicken or well known as KFC is chain of the fast food restaurants around the globe. The specialization of KFC is fried chicken. The company was founded in 1930 by Colonel Sanders. Its headquarters is located at Kentucky, United States. Muktesh Pant is the Chief Executive Officer of the company. The slogan of the company is  “Finger Lickin’ Good”. Many customers are searching for their corporate office, return process, delivery options and near by restaurant’s. In this article we are sharing many of the contact information which us useful for KFC lovers.

KFC Australia serves good quality product with the amazing taste. It was started in 1968 at Sydney. Having one of the biggest fast food chain throughout the country. The products served at is menu are chicken products such as burgers and wraps, veg and non-veg salads and side dishes such as coleslaw and French fries, desserts too.

KFC Australia Customer Service Contact Details

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KFC Australia Head Office Address: 450 George St Sydney NSW 2000
Visit head office for more information about company or even finding solution of the queries. This is also postal address, one who is unable to come through head office can manage to post his queries at this address.

KFC Head Office Phone Number: +61 3 9214 2500

KFC Australia Customer Service Hotline Numbers: 1300 553 899, 1800 620 723
Telephonic support is available during official working hours. Customer can file his/her inquiries through call at these above given hotline numbers. Charges are applicable.

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Hours of Operation For Customer Support: Monday to Friday 9 am- 5 pm EST
These are official working hours for representative of the company during this period only he/she is available and answerable of queries of customer.

KFC Australia Customer Service Email ID: [email protected]
Customer can mail his/her queries and questions at the above given mailing address.

KFC Head Office Address: 32-36 Camberwell Rd, Hawthorn East VIC 3123, Australia

KFC Australia Official Website: kfc.com.au
This is official website link for KFC Australia where one can search for menu option, nutrition facts about products and other customer related information.

All the above given information is for contacting customer service representative of the company.

Social Profiles

Facebook Fan Page: facebook.com/KFCAustralia

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/kfcaustralia

Instagram Handle: instagram.com/kfcaustralia

YouTube Channel: youtube.com/user/KFCAustralia

You can like, subscribe and follow KFC Australia at these social platform and be updated about latest products and their offers.

Important Links

Careers: kfcjobs.com.au
For applying and grasping information regarding part time jobs and employment opportunities we prefer you to visit career option.

Contact Us: kfc.com.au/contact-kfc
This is official contact us page link. Regarding general inquiries and its detail please visit the page and fill up mandatory details

Store Locater: kfc.com.au/find-a-store
To check about availablity of Nearby store and its timing go through locator.

Frequently Asked Questions: kfc.com.au/faqs
Regarding Few short basic question related to query and company we recommend you to visit above given link of Faqs.

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  1. Thank you for a $20 voucher compensating me for my complaint. The bad service was inconvenient to me as stated in my complaint, whilst a recompense voucher has been issued, your customer service should stretch to an apology. It appears you still have a long way to go to improve your customer service. Sincerely Jackie yabsley

  2. Re: Lithgow NSW kfc
    I walked in to the kfc store at 1045am to use the wc and purchase some food and the premises was discussing. The toilet, doors, tables, floor, glass slide door, windows and this is the second time I chose not to eat there….

  3. Hi there I’m a very disappointed customer in 2 events off purchasing 3 boxes of $5.00 lunch offer that is 2 tender chicken strip, reg bag chips,potato gravy and 250ml Pepsi max but missing the aioli dip, on my receipt show I have paid $1.50 for it this was purchased at KFC forrestfield perth w.a order no 1086 this is a rip off which is not aspected.

  4. My family and me decided to have KFC for dinner so we went to KFC Forrestfield and ordered our food. For the bloody 3rd time.. 3rd bloody time reached home there’s NO BLOODY AIOLI DIP in my bag. I specifically ordered 4extra aioli dip and when I reached home found out that it’s not in the bag. For goodness sake this is the bloody 3rd time that I’ve experienced that no dipping sauce in my bag of food. Don’t you’ll asked your crew to double check the order whether it has all the orders complete? It’s not that the dipping sauce is free, I PAID for that bloody dipping sauce. So I hope to hear from you and also hope that you’ll do something about it and please tell all your crew to double check all orders before handling out to the costumer. Thanks

  5. I brought a family feast and 15 pieces of chicken. And 10 of them were small 6 drumsticks, two wings ans 3 small other pieces. Called up to complain and the manager was sooo rude, she hung up on me, and I drove to sort her out with her rude manner and she still didn’t admit she ripped me off. Hurstville kfc never again!

  6. chicken. And 11 of them were small 6 drumsticks, two wings ans 3 small other pieces. I Called up to complain and the manager was sooo rude, she even said its the same pieces she would have placed if she had done my order, I said no way these are the pieces that come with this order, I buy it all the time. She wasnt happy so she hung up on me, and I drove to sort her out with her rude manner and she still didn’t admit she ripped me off. She got me soooo fired up, she told me to leave, for swearing at her.. she needs to be fired for her absolute rude manner… and being satisfied for taking my money and thinking she did right by the customer, ripping pple off is not the answer. 10 June 6pm. Hurstville forest rd kfc never again! No. 0414589505

  7. My complaint is one of complete and utter disappointment, which has now turned to anger, frustration and simple unjust.

    My partner and I purchased a family meal from our local store located at the Bunbury Forum on Sandridge Road. Upon arriving home more than half of our meal was missing. I made numerous attempts to contact the store and the phone was not answered and rang out each and every time. I made the decision to contact our other local store at Park Centre on Bussell Highway as I thought there may have been other means of contact within franchises. The phone was answered immediately and the manager promised me a voucher for another meal. She said she would contact Bunbury Forum personally and report the issue as the voucher needed to be issued from the store of original purchase. I was told I would not have to do anything further. She kindly apologised for the error which was not even her own doing and tried to make it right. Unfortunately with much time being passed we have not received any contact or any voucher from the Bunbury Forum Store. I once again tried to call the offending store and again the phone was left unanswered. Feeling hard done by after much patience I felt it important to take the matter further and contact the KFC head Customer Service Hotline.

    Contact was made and I spoke with a representative with the name of Saab. He was sympathetic of my situation but did not at all make attempts to resolve my problem. I was left feeling even more frustrated and angry at my complete helplessness.

    Saab explained the policies extremely clearly but he did not help me due to his lack of understanding towards my mistrust in the local KFC store. I was told that my contact details would be passed on to the store and they would contact me. I felt more and more agitated that after each attempt at explaining to Saab I strongly felt and did not trust that the store would contact me as no action had been taken by either store in 6 weeks. I was repeatedly told that the store deserved a chance to respond as they may not have been contacted. I asked how long I was supposed to wait and I mentioned I would wait 24 hours but again was told the policy was 3-5 days. I asked what would happen if they did not contact me and Saab responded with you would have to recontact the customer service hotline and the matter would be escalated to the area manager. I was utterly disgusted right then that an already disgruntled customer was being expected to continue following up on their own complaint and that KFC did not consider me important enough to do it off their own backs. At this stage all I had left was to ask why my issue could not already be escalated with an area manager and the response yet again was of your policy. Giving the store 3-5 days was reinforced to me by Saab once more.

    So my issues are:

    1. You have a very upset customer. I may only be one customer but I thought all customers were valuable to KFC and that customer satisfaction for such a large corporation was important to them. I thought that a resolve would be acted on immediately. Instead I was expected to wait yet again for something I felt would not happen and was expected to have to be the one to do all the follow up on my own complaint. How rude KFC, such disrespect for customer service.

    2. I understand the fairness in allowing stores a chance to make it right but I had already done this by waiting six weeks. I had given them a chance by my attempts at making contact a second time before going to customer service hotline. All to no avail, only to have the phone unanswered during business opening hours once again 6 weeks later. I was refraining from going to the store in person so no fuss was made in front of other dining customers and how was I to even know that the store was open as no phone was answered. The decision was made then to go to KFC head office where I found your customer service contact number.

    3.KFC….one of your franchises refuse to answer their phone during business hours. It may not happen every time but it has happened every time to me. Bunbury has had devastating health occurrences at a once reputable chicken franchise where caustic soda was being put on chips. What if…..what if your store needed to be contacted for health emergencies and your store was not reachable and contaminated food continued to be served for a longer period of time than needed to be. I know this is a minor issue but KFC…..what if……you can’t say a health scare wouldn’t happen and is impossible. People of Bunbury have experienced the unthinkable once before.

    4.You need to organise a governing body that has more power in resolving customer issues. Your customer service hotline has left me feeling very unimportant and helpless. I have gone to the effort to contact who I thought would resolve my issue where I thought it would be solved immediately given the circumstances and time frame I have already been waiting. You leave me with no other option but to write this. I am so sick of being made to feel helpless. KFC did the wrong by me, you did not give me what I paid for. I have tried to make it right. I have tried to have my issue resolved. It may only be a family meal, but where would it end if people just gave in every time it was something small and took what was dealt to them. Eventually abuse would continue on much larger scales if nothing is said about the little things.

    5. The resolve was a meal voucher. I settled for a resolve which I have not received. Where does it leave me now? Are you going to make this right KFC? Are your customers important to you?

  8. whetherill park kfc has the most laziest and the most idiotic workers ever. they close at 10:30pm but it was only 9:40 and they tell us that they cant make anymore chicken like what the fuck. how the hell are they gonna feed the othercustomers that was behind us. where did they hire these dumb lazy fucks from.

  9. I purchased an Zinger box on the 25/06/2016 and to my surprise i found an elastic band that had been fried with my chicken wings. This made me feel sick due to being half way through the burger, chips and one of the wings. Im really disappointed that this kind of foreign substance can get through your screening process and find its way into my meal. I have kept the elastic band and am contemplating taking it to the media to make an example of the Wantirna franchise where i purchased the meal. Would love to hear what you have to say in regards to this.

  10. To the manager at kfc hurstville.

    I have been in your store twice and both times my experience has been unsatisfactory. 

    1) it took the team a long time to take our order.

    2) i went through the drive through got served quickly but they forgot to add my potato and gravy. I parked my car and went inside with my heavily pregnant daughter and had to wait over 30 minutes before a team member started taking the customer orders. The team members were all concentrating on drive through orders and not concentrating on the customers in the store. They started taking customer orders after another customer made a comment that two team members where in the back not doing anything. 

    Sorry to say the service was pathetic and disgusting. 



    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

  11. Every Friday night we have KFC mostly from north Geelong often something is missing that we have paid for , last 2 weeks in a row we have had our dinner rolls , large popcorn chicken missing ?? 2 weeks in a row how about that ?? Not Realy good enough my son was quite upset not having his popcorn chicken 2 weeks in a row . Not only that I paid for it

  12. Kangaroo flat store, ordered zinga meal with bacon and cheese through drive through today , no bacon and cheese on it ! Paid full amount. Decided not to stress and began to eat only to find chicken not cooked! Took it back but the manager decided it was cooked and preferred to argue the case,I asked him to eat it !! Didn’t happen , drove away in discussed

  13. whilst going to Princess Hwy store Pakenham asked for 3 peices of original only to find i get ripped off at this store by $3.00 to what it cost me at caulfield east store . Manager Luke was lousy to say the least . Thats the price he was saying again and again. this store is conveinent to get to but lousy with their food which chips are always cold .and chicken sits in tray for too long but when your hungry sometimes you eat anywhere. Rang head office said that Pakenham could charge what they like really great customer experince to say the least. all the guy from Head office could tell me was well in Queensland if different pricing i told him that both stores are in Vic

  14. To day we ate at the Kempsey store in NSW . The staff have always been great but my goodness the food was horrible it’s dry. I then asked for the burger instead and the quality was DRY AND COLD The staff asked if I would like another one but I took a refund . The quality of food in this store at Kempsey in well below what is expected from KFC . I should also say this happened at approx 12.30 to day 7/7/16 so there is no reason for cold STALE food I won’t be back!

  15. my family have traditionally eaten kfc once a fortnight for the past 5 years n overall there a good service n affordable, we have had our issues with ourcmeals a couple of times but there very fast to fix our problem i enjoy kfc and hope you guys sre toundcfor a while

  16. Milperra KFC Drive-thru. 30cm Dark Red /Black hair found in a Zinger Burger today 7/8/2016….. I understand that this happens from time to time. But when you address the problem with the Manager in a civil way and to be told that I have no-one with that colour hair working as she looks at your daughter who clearly has blonde hair and mine very short ginger. I look around and see the handfull of girls working at KFC today (12:30pm) with their hair out only to be covered by a cap, some with dark colored hair. Im sorry Manager who I didnt get her name, if you allow your girls to have hair exposed around food this will happen. Just a little tip for the Manager at Milperra KFC, it starts with you showing a good example for your younger workers as I pointed out to you who also has dark coloured hair, your hair was also not covered (hair net or a cap) clearly seeing numerous strands of hair out. Your not in a position to be arguing the point of “there’s no way this could of happened” with a legitimate customer.

  17. Corio store Geelong Victoria drive thought is so bad for not putting your full order in bag on several occasions got home to find some of my order missing was never going though drive by again only to find the corio store under renovation and guess what they forgot my zinger burger and chips so I had to line up and wait once again not happy by the time got the rest of my order and home the rest of tea was cold my order was $ 30.65 order number 2148

  18. At Macquarie Centre tonight at approx 6:50 pm I bought a Zinger Burger box with other items. Luckily I had reheated it at home & it was too hot for my daughter to bit right into as it was not a Zinger fillet but a wing with the bone in it. If she had eaten this straight away she would probably have broken her teeth. Who puts a bone in a burger??????

  19. I went thru drive thru today at Treendale and ordered 2 dinner boxes. Got to the window and was told they dont do dinner boxes any more. I said i got them Wednesday night from the town shop. Was then told they havent done them for 30 years and that she knows because she worked in the bunbury store when she first started. I was about to comment back when she slammed the window andturned her back on me and walked off. I was so angry snd tried to get anyone’s attention but nothing so i went inside. I found out that this person was a manager and het name is Amy. She kept saying im sorry y feel this way with the treatment i recieved which came out very patronizing. She denied being rude and disrespectful but she slipped up because the way she answered me by saying havent done them for 30 years. Anyways i went to town and got what i wanted and yes Amy, KFC still do them and the are called dinner packs. You are a rude stuck up individual and need to do some customer service courses. How dare u treat me and speak down to me that manner. Im putting this out there to make people aware and will also be contacting higher up

  20. Dear KFC Head Office, I love my KFC especially my crispy skinned chicken. I am a local to the River Road, Revesby Store. I don’t know whether in the last 12 months or so it has changed hands but I have to say I am absolutely discusted by the quality of food the manager allows to be sold at this store. The meal I purchased tonight was a total waste of my money. The chips were cold and had no seasoning at all, the burger has shrunk in size and would not be enough to fill a young childs stomach. Most disappointing was the chicken pieces which are meant to be crispy skinned, was dripping with oil and so soggy it was not edible. Had I not have gone through drive through, to take home and ate my meal inside the restaurant I would have asked for a refund. I have given Revesby store the benefit of the doubt several times but seriously you need to step up and take action. Customers can’t be served rubbish meals. The staff need some serious training, especially on customer service, the manager needs to have training so they know what the KFC STANDARD IS AND SHOULD BE, Because it seems that Revesby store has no idea at all.

  21. Hi want to make a complaint about the kfc in plainlands avoid if possible cause it took the the young female operator 5 mins even acknowledge I had even exist she sharp and rude with her approach the hole experience was terrible it wasn’t even busy so avoid at all cost

  22. Ok. Young NSW KFC. My name is Phil Shaw.
    Going into the KFC store in Young the first time tonight for dinner, takeaway. We purchased 1 kids wrap meal with apple juice. 1 fillet burger combo, lemonade, medium can. 1 large nuggets meal, lemonade bottle. 1 three piece feed large, sunkist bottle. That was the first receipt order. On the second receipt a bun and two bands fundraising for kids. What we didn’t get was a the fillet burger and sauce with the nugget meal. That was it. Had to drive back to KFC in Young NSW after ringing and complaining about the missing burger. Spoke to the manager. Upon arrival after getting the kids dressed appropriately for the trip as it was only one adult that went at first. (Not me.) I went the second time and the order was replaced. By the “manager.” This order was buggered up too. By the manager of KFC Young. Not to mention the abuse the manager gave one of the cook employees for burning her finger. The cook was emptying hot chips into the baymaree and the manager was docile and left its hand in the way of the cook stocking the baymaree. The words used were ” You burnt my finger,” he was quite apologetic and the manager replied, ” do not do it again!” It was the managers fault for not moving the hand that got hit with chips. Back to the second returning from KFC in Young. The order we got this time had no extra bun. I always order a three piece feed atleast once a fortnight and I never get a wing. I got two drumsticks in the first order and I got a wing in the second order and I did tell the young male that I do not want a wing. I never have a wing. We did get an extra burger with the second order on top of our original order. The manager re-packed this order personally. The manager was very rude to me saying that “the burger makes up for the missing roll” and now I’m not happy! We ordered a roll didn’t get it but I did get a stupid wing! One of the fillet burgers was stale and did not get eaten by a thirteen year old boy with hollow legs. NOT HAPPY! I ate the other burger and it was fine and I gave the boy the STUPID wing. Every time we go to KFC in Young something is wrong. When I worked at KFC I was a cook and I didn’t make mistakes with what I was to do. It wasn’t allowed. We were proficient and we made a 90% rate of customer satisfaction. That is high. I know what KFC is and the rights customers have in any take away outlet. Young NSW KFC is the worst takeaway outlet for customer satisfaction in Young. 2594, Young NSW. I suggest a full investigation to boost your customer base and reputation in Young? Seriously disgruntled customer. The manager was obese and had blonde hair in a ponytail with no hairnet. Also food handling requirements are compromised. [email protected] reply asap thank you. Have a nice day.

  23. Not a happy customer with your jundelee store customer service is none exsestant and complained about a $10 twister meal about 5weeks ago now the twister had just been thrown together and instead of a normal twister I ended up with hot and spicy which ended up in the bin I rang and spoke to what they called their manager she said she would send out a voucher, I’m so glad I didn’t hold my breath, service is zero you wait and wait and then they give you the wrong order anyway

  24. Spend $35 at your store in brimbank and waited 27 mins in deive couls not go anywhere because the lane was full with cars people tooting there horns and to make it worse half the food was fresh rhe other half was cold are you kidding me no recipient to complain wounder if anyone from head office will contact me and apologize

  25. I ordered taster box and large chips and wings from the Williamstown store at around 12 lunchtime.
    My husband went for me as I was my minding children.
    When I got them they were drenched in oil, they were white and really soft.
    I took them back and asked to speak to the manager. I asked her “do these look cooked to you?”
    Her reply “I’m not saying they are and I’m not saying there not!
    She was the manager and can’t even tell if a chip is cooked or not!
    She said they were like that as we asked for fresh chips. I informed her that I always ask for fresh chips at other stores and they come out crispy and hit!
    She then said as if took me 10 minutes to get there, that would be why they were like that.
    What an idiot! So she thinks the chips were fine and I just decided to get in my car and drive 10 minutes to go to the store for no good reason.
    Come on you can’t be that dumb!
    What the hell is going on at that place.
    Kfc need to employ people and managers who can actually tell the difference between cooked and uncooked chips!

  26. Dear KFC area manager,
    I would like to complain about your Ringwood, Vic, store, we have ordered a3 piece pack and asked them to change the potato and gravy for coleslaw, to me that does not seem to be a problem, then we also ordered 3 strips that are now put into a bag that were very dry that my granddaughter asked me if it was chicken. We were not given the coleslaw or the sweet and sour dipping sauce and it is not the first time. After ringing the store, the girl who answered the phone was actually the one that took the order in store told me to bring back all the meal and she would look into it. My husband did this and was told that he must have taken these two things out, so therefore she would not fix it up and by the time we got our meal back again it was cold. Not very happy about this as it was even worse when I heated it up, it was not worth eating and I had to find something else for our tea. Not very happy with this store, as the chicken is always dry.
    I await your reply as soon as possible

  27. On Sunday drove through Ararat on my way to Stawell. I usually purchase KFC for my in-laws who both enjoy it.
    As there was 6 cars in drive through I walked inside and joined a queue of 6 people, 2 registers were occupied and open. 1 however was in loud discussion with the 2 customers (obviously known to each other). The other was receiving and then eventually fulfilling the order, before taking the other. After waiting 15 minutes I was second in the queue, and overheard the tellet inform the person in front after they had paid for the order that there was a further 6 minute wait on their chicken. I couldn’t beleive it there was no chicken pieces in the servery or being cooked.
    I walked out in disgust and informed several others on the way in and in the drive through of the situation.
    They all turned around.
    I understand that problems occur but this was a farce, the Ararat outlet is a franchise I believe, but it still carries your brand name and your reputation. I have since spoken to a few other people in Stawell and Ararat and they all confirmed that don’t go there in busy times they are hopeless.

    I do not want any compensation (I did not make a purchase) I just want to let people know that there are unhappy customers, and no care factor evident.

  28. If you would like any KFC from north lake in Perth, do yourself a favour and another store, you will only have a 50 min wait minimum at this it’s a shocking experience. On three occasions this happened to me in the last month ??

  29. Yeppoon qld store manager has argued that chicken is fresh at 11 am in the morning . It is disgusting chicken and has been on every occasion lately. The chicken i have received is not fit for consumption yet i pay for it to actually eat. No i cant eat your slimey small oil soaked pieces of fresh chicken. I expect cruncy yummy chicken not puss your staff couldnt care less about serving.

  30. I thought that my disgusting kfc bought from queanbeyan nsw was
    a one off but the comment from yappoon discribed what I binned tonight …. it must be a new recipe.. I will never purchase kfc again.
    how disappointing.

  31. We went threw the drive threw to order and we ordered a zinger fillet box and two regular chips with extra seasning instead of a zinger fillet box what did they give us? Well they gave us a ultra mic box what the hell and no seasning on any chips poor surface and they can’t get orders right like what the hell. It took one whole hour for them to serve us never ever going there again

  32. Last night we decided to have KFC and I went to Keilor Down branch bought a family feast and added 4pcs. of chicken for $6.95 and pay $35.90. When she gave me my order I asked (Tony) on her name plate if everything was in the bag, she said yes. So when I came home my family was waiting on the table ready for dinner when I opened the bag I found out that there was only 10pcs. of chicken and the 4pcs. of chicken were missing. I called up the keilor downs branch right away. On the first, second, third attempt there was no answer and eventually someone answered. I didnt get his name but I told him about my complain. He told me to come back and get the 4pcs of chicken and a box of chips for a settlement or come back some other times. Its unfair that he gonna settle me with one box of chips that was not my fault. It stresses me out and made me upset and also my family. I was not very happy of their service and hope it wont happen again. Please consider in making actions regarding this matter. Thank you

  33. I am sick and tired of being told by one manager at Treendale KFC that they can make me a fresh reg. Potato n gravy as most of the time it looks like brown dishwater n is all gravy n then I go today n ask for what I’d like only to be told by some bitch named JULES that no I can’t have that n when I told her that the other manager woman said they would make me one how I wanted it (with potato in it) she went nuts and got an ATTITUDE WITH ME!!!!! Not fucken happy n now Treendale KFC can get rooted n stick their food up their bad tempered fat ass what a bitch getting an attitude with me so I rung once I got home for a please explain n once again I was told nastily no and then she hung up on me n I was being nice? What the hell??? I worked in customer service for 20 years n if I’d have done that I would’ve got the sack KFC GET YOUR BLOODY SHIT TOGETHER!!!!!

  34. I would like to let you know about the bad service we receive at the Wyoming Store on the Central Coast. We have KFC every Saturday night and time and time again our order is missing items. I now collect my food and pullover the car to check our order. Last weekend I was that frustrated I returned to the store and went inside to ask how hard is it to read the order off a screen in front of them. The manager or assistant manager apologized but this shouldn’t be happening so often, it seems the young staff are not trained properly. Maybe they should see how well trained the McDonald’s staff are and follow their example, from a very disappointed customer this is not good enough.

  35. The chicken at Gladstone store is absolutely disgusting the chicken is brown dry and old my daughter brought 3 boxes of chicken and other chips etc for my grandkids dinner di she works arvo shift as a nurse . They ended up having bread with peanut paste was a huge disappoint for spending over 60 $..

  36. Went to KFC Tarneit and yet again they did not give me what I paid for. Two weeks ago I rang head office and complained about this store and still have not received a call back. After tonight I will never attend this store again and as for the Manager DYLAN he needs to get more training is customer service as he has no people skills told me that the complaint from head office only goes back to him and he hasn’t done anything about it (how professional) and then hangs up on me great people you hire KFC I work in customer service and I would allow my staff to represent my company like that great job i’m done with this store seriously

  37. I bought a zinger box from elthem store the chips box was half empty and only one piece of chicken in the box I complained but they said that’s how it comes.
    I will never go to elthem store very rude staff

  38. The last 2 times we have gone to get KFC , and there Is NO coleslaw, they give you this stupid salad in a milkshake container… Really no coleslaw ??? It is part of KFC .. Find No excuse , pussed off At Muswellbrook nsw Australia .. Need to lift their game

  39. After already having my initial complaint dealt with (incident 711665) in December 2016, I am again complaining about KFC operations and how they do not respect their customers. Last night, New Year’s Eve, the KFC outlet at Ermington, Sydney, shut at 7pm. This store is on the very busy Victoria Road leading into the city, and has a high profile location. Inside, the staff were eating KFC meals and waving away a large number of customers wishing to enter the store to purchase food. To close a well advertised and popular take away premises at such an early time, when people are out and about wanting quick meals or indeed purchasing party food, shows that KFC has absolutely no business sense or regard for their customers. Directly opposite to this store was the bustling McDonalds as was the McDonalds store in West Ryde, both of whom were doing a roaring trade. Surrounding restaurants and pizza places were also doing brisk business. I know for a fact that young people of the age that you employ, tend to go out later at night, so even if the restaurant had shut at 9pm, this would have made more sense. The way that customers were being waved away just rubbed salt into the wounds of the customers already outside the closed doors, with more arriving all the time, and then having to leave. I would like to remind customer service officials of KFC that this was December 2016 not 1966. You have strong competition and unless you serve your potential customers with more respect, you deserve to fail. Enough said.

  40. My comment has been recorded as being sent at 3.55pm on December 31, 2016 when it fact I sent my report at 8.25am on January 1, 2017.

  41. Will never complain in KFC again. There is no response to complains. Standing in a Que I was harassed by flies. When I got to the front and after placing my order, I said to the girl to inform her manager to do something about the flies. Se said yes and continued as before. She never talked to anyone while I was there and probably never will. So the long and the short is that I must go to another KFC from now on. If there is flies, there is a problem. Do you guys have your own inspectors going around and see if your branches is up to standard. Doesn’t look like it to me because I am love KFC but is, I would say around 50% of the time disappointed. Not so much with the product itself, but hygiene issues like floors, tables, toilets and so on. You can see them clean a table but in fact they are just spreading the mess around. KFC Springfield Lakes, will not see me for a long time.

  42. I am just about jack of the service, cleanliness and incompetence of your KFC fast food restaurants. EVERYWHERE I go the tables and floors are filthy, all the rubbish bins are overflowing and don’t get me started on the toilets. My orders are NEVER complete and I have to go back again and again. Seriously, for such a huge food chain you can’t afford to employ staff with some work ethic and run a satisfactory restaurant. How disappointing!!!!

  43. KFC: The hid of them. I think I won’t go back to them ever. Tonight, they got me so mad. I paid cash for the dinner. The young girl comes back with my 5 cents and hands it back “sorry, we don’t accept New Zealand money here.” WTF… But its ok for KFC to rip us off each and every week. Then I checked our order, yes a large box chips missing. So I told them. Really. Who is ripping who off. So I said every week something is always missing. You are worried about 5 cents. Luckily, I don’t need my blood pressure taken. I am so pissed off.

  44. Complaint on order. Missing products and Quality of food
    Complain to store no reply
    Complain to customer service 2 attemps made for store to reply
    No reply
    Fowarded to area manager from customer service twice for reply from store. No reply
    6 weeks several departments of complaints. No reply. KFC can not manage this store to contact a customer ignoring the customer and several of kfc complaint departments. Even the customer service officer of complaints sent a final message basically apologising for the in resolved issue and would leave it to the area manager who haven’t replied in the past 2 weeks.
    Kfc store
    Bunbury forum shopping center
    Bunbury w.a 6230
    All saved responces in this lengthy issue will be fowarded to social network including media affairs. Unbelievable how a food corporation survives such uncontrollable franchises that are completely inadequate

  45. Today I went to the KFC store in Artarmon to order 9 pieces of chickens which is on special for 9.95, the young ladies gave me 9 small pieces of origin chickens and did not even ask me for the spicy ones, I was extremely disappointed with the services, if the chickens are that small, what is the point to have them on special, I would rather to pay the full price.

    I won’t go to that store anymore.

  46. Second time this has happened at the same store.after a day of craving KFC , I bought a 9pcs deal. After wait 23min to get it. Only to get home and most of the skine was off the chicken and falling apart. The flavour well nothing like KFC . This is the glasville store on Victoria road. I had one and my wife didn’t even finish the first pcs. And the rest got put were it belonged in thr bin.So for me KFC you have lost me for good.shit taste and nothing like the KFC you see on TV in look.

  47. I was very disappointed in my visit to Batemans bay 2536 KFC TODAY on Tuesday 7/3/2017 at about 5.45 pm I was looking forward to eating some KFC , I went in to buy the 9 pieces of KFC chicken for $9.95 I was told there is a half an hour wait till the next batch of chicken comes out of the oven , and that there was 14 other people in front of me waiting for the same thing and after every one else was given their chicken there was no more left so I missed out or I had to wait till the next chicken pieces gets cooked so now I have to wait till next Tuesday for the special , hopefully they will have next Tuesday

  48. I had issues with my KFC orders time to time. However, the KFC meal I received from Karryniup (WA 6018) today (11-03-2017) around 7:30 pm was the worst meal I ever had. It was a cheap as chips meal. I received an original instead of hot and spicy, chicken pieces were very small and over-fried ( pieces were discoloured). Order was taken by the manager. I have taken photos to provide proof if required

  49. Once Again, items missing from my order. No sauces with the giant feast. Has happened about 5 times this year. Store is outside Epping plaza, along high street.

  50. My family and three other families visited the Marulan KFC today around 1pm (13.07.17) on the way home from holidays. THE FOOD WAS DISGUSTING! Buns on the Zingers were stale and the chicken was not cooked properly, the chips were not cooked right through, neither were the nuggets or chicken bites. Between the four families we spent almost $100 on takeaway food and none of it could be eaten. We would have gone back and asked for a refund however you cannot turn around once on the Hume Hwy. How lucky for the restaurant! I am seriously considering ringing the Health Dept to complain about the standard of food provided at this KFC.

  51. I went to my local KFC (Mt. Pleasant Mackay Qld) to order some dinner. The place was full of customers including the drive through (which I usually use) so I walked in. My complaint is this. When I finally got served the young bloke behind the register must be new. He had NO idea of what he was doing and was confused with everyone’s order. I had to tell him 3times my order. When my order turned up I again had to ask for my drink and make sure my burger was inside the box. My order was a Zinger Stacker upsize (large) with 2 dinner rolls and a small gravy. When I arrived home and looked my order was wrong. I ended up with a small gravy, a small potato & gravy 2 dinner rolls 1 piece of chicken and a fillet burger. Now this has happened a couple of times but tonight was bloody ridiculous how could they stuff this up. If they want to put new staff on the register do it when it’s quieter not when it’s flat out. 95% of the time my order is correct but again tonight was a friggin joke please fix the problem or I’ll stop getting KFC and go elsewhere Thanks

  52. Vic- Deer park KFC has lack of customer service + the management as well.
    I queue for 15mins in drive thru & was ready to on the night of 09/05/17 @6.30pm. When I reached to speaker wanted to order 9pcs for $9.95 but said unavailable, then I tried ordering back pack $15.95 & again said not avail too.
    I was told to print this promotion out on paper to get the specials so that the head office able to see their sales. Ridiculous! Making no sense.
    Isn’t the same when I order & paid as it will shown on system & receipt. The proof is already on system for head office to see, why request me to print them out then sending it off to head office?!
    You guys are selfish company, by printing these promotion out is by preventing people less fortunate to access these specials deals.
    Disgusting mind of thinking!

  53. We went to Cleveland KFC last night to see if they had picked up their act after a bad experience with them several months ago, which the supposed manager rang me and said she would send me a voucher that never came. I still have the receipt from the first complaint with photos on my phone. That’s another story. Still the same look and taste! Do they pay the lowest salary to which you get very poor management. No wonder people are calling it DFC (Don’t F#cking Care)The owners should be ashamed of what they are providing to the very people they want to make money off of. Poor training must have been provided to the young employees as yelling at them doesn’t always work.

  54. The service in store is slow. Plus most times there is one person taking orders waited 10mins for taster bucket after payed then they forgot extra salt. Every time its something else… have made many complaints to managers. In one word food is great somtimes but service is shithouse… would like to go in on store and eat with my kids without a issue…. seems drive thru is more important then dining in… have had so many issues over last year .. and seems too be at all KFC stores…….

  55. after just waiting 15 minutes at your Kings Meadows Store for a Five Stars upsize meal, I am then told that there are no wicked wings & if I would accept one measly piece of chicken in exchange, I disagreed that just 1 lousy peace was equivalent to 3 wicked wings & stated that after I had been waiting 15 MINUTES !!.. that I would accept 2 pieces or have my money back, THEN after waiting yet another 5 MINUTES, the shift manager named Jacqui comes out & literally throws my money back at me & abruptly states, HERE’S YOUR MONEY BACK, to which I stated you must be kidding !!, I then stated that I would be contacting her senior management to which she rudely & aggressively replied OH YOU DO THAT !!.. I would also point out that in the 20 minutes of my precious time that was wasted I witnessed 2 other customers bring their orders back to complain.. so Dear KFC.. HOW [email protected]#CKING DARE you treat your customers with such contempt !!!!! I will NEVER buy KFC EVER AGAIN & will be notifying my 500,000 odd social media followers of my experience

  56. Right now it’s very hard to know where to start. I am appauled at the standard of professionalism or lack of – within the kfc franchise? To be honest this lack of professionalism stems right throughout the Take-Out food industry.
    Where on earth do you think it is okay for staff members to man the cash register then handle customers food?
    (a) KFC
    (b) A Third World Country
    Answer: Both it seems.
    A customer walks into one of kfc’s stores & orders a family meal (bucket). Okay so the customer can see from the menu displayed what the order will consist of. It’s right there in plain view for all to see, including staff members.
    Question: Are staff members generally?
    (a) Lazy.
    (b) Lack the training required to be a customer service representative.
    Answer: Both again it seems.
    Has Australia lowered it’s standards of service to that of a country whose life standards are almost subhuman? What is happening with you people that make you think that you can take hard working peoples money & deliver disgusting unprofessional service day in day out & get away with it.
    How is it that you can work every day with a menu displayed directly above you & you still manage to leave items out of an order? Looking at the comments above – it appears its not just a one off thing & it’s right across the entire franchise network.
    The key in my mind is contained in 3 words. TRAINING, TRAINING, TRAINING. ATTITUDE, ATTITUDE, ATTITUDE. & Most importantly EXCELLENCE, EXCELLENCE, EXCELLENCE. If these are implemented into your training regime how much better will your customer service be? – right across the board. Food handling, Customer/Staff interaction, Quality of food, Decisive resolutions with customer complaints, & many more no doubt.
    A respectful polite ATTITUDE toward your customers is only the start. KFC you need to adjust your policies & regulations of your entire operations, so that the substandard service that is rife across many of the kfc franchises becomes non-existent.
    KFC heirachy & Team members of each & every kfc store must always do all they can to protect their customers from any food contaminate by applying excellent hygene principles. Take Action NOW. Train your staff not just to the standard required but above & beyond.
    And here’s a tip for all you young staff members. SMILE when serving customers – it wont hurt you or the customer.
    I’m not going to tell you of my latest experience with buying from kfc. Just reading other comments before mine, tells me the issue isn’t only nationally but I’m guessing internationally. So there’s more fish(or chicken) to be fried – not just here in Australia but on a global scale.

    A very disappointed frequent customer


  58. Well here is another complaint for KFC as I have read from comments above this is most likely a waste of time and energy .tonight hubby went to our local store and purchased a family feast box with a request for two breast pieces of chicken what we recieved was wings legs and some boney grey meat pieces and definitely no breast the bottom fell out of the box as same greasy called local store the guy who answered was polite and I was told that they would give a twenty dollar voucher for another meal this meal such as it was cost thirty three dollars with soft drink ,when I said that I had heard on the radio as I was coming home that KFC promises that there chicken is so great that they will stand behind there product and if we do have a complaint it will be replaced totally when I mention this I was told yes I could have a full replacement. Well KFC listen to our complaints your food is crap our local store is Victor Harbor South Australia ps I’m now going to place all of this on my Facebook with the hope that the locals will read

  59. Hi there, myself and my parnter have just had the worst experience ever at your kfc store, we placed our orders and just simply requested for our pieces to be breasts (which was 2 pieces for my order and 1 for my partners), the cashier said that someone had just ordered all breasts for their order just prior us so there will be be a wait of 10-20mins just after she treid to sell us off with dark meat pieces in a forceful slightly rude tone of voice, (which i cannot eat due to my cancer operation which iv,e just had not long ago),so we said we’ll wait, after waiting 20mins she said there’s only 2 breast pieces, 1 can be for each order she said and the rest have to be other pieces.I then went back to her after she had made up our incorrect orders, I confronted her and asked why cannot my order the way I want it, and she said there will be a wait for more breasts which was a uncertain time obviously, by the way in the meantime i’m starving hungry being pushed to my limit of patience when your very unhelpful manager didn’t even try to resolve the problem with me, i started to demand for my money back which they rudely attended to by not even the slightest smile or sorry for anything, for which they had gotten wrong, if anything they made us feel like we were in the wrong, absolute joke of a time to get fed, I will never go to that store ever again which was the Sunnybank hills kfc, when we asked can we have an extra piece each for all the waiting and stuffing around to compensate that’s when she hit us with the sorry only 2 breast for your order when she said there was going to be a whole new batch made up which she obviously lied about because that’s why i’m wasting my time typing up this whole complaint, i’m livid, what are the consequences for incompetent workers and managers that cannot deal with simple situations? they are a joke as a business full stop, will soon run them selves out of.

  60. I ordered Kentucky through drive through and I eftpos at first window got to second window and they charged me again as they said I had not paid got home checked bank account had been charged twice rang up told to go back and produce receipts for both transactions as I was not given a receipt told to produce bank statements so I went across the manager conveniently is on a break sends out staff member who tells me it showed I had not paid but with out checking my statements gives money does not apologise and tells me it happens regularly and he was just giving smart ass comments will never frequent any KFC again as they have no customer service and are all rude and ignorant and an apology would not hurt

  61. Mng. I don’t usually put complaints in but felt I had to. We went to visit my son and his family and bought a bucket of chicken with the sides as a treat. The chicken was stale and so overcooked it had gone hard, the grandkids couldn’t eat it(they usually love kfc) The chips were also cold and stale. Very disappointing. The selection of chicken pieces we felt was only drumsticks and wings, 2 pieces of breasts, very poor. We felt like we were getting leftovers.

  62. KFC Acacia Ridge. The chicken is dry. The dinner rolls were squashed by the operator who bagged them. But that’s all fine compared with the fact that THERE IS WHAT APPEARS TO BE SILVER SPRAY PAINT ON ONE OF THE NUGGETS. Have taken a pic because I tried to call the store repeatedly with no answer. Disgusting.

  63. KFC South rd Morphette Vale served me a cockroach leg on top of my frozen solo.Discusting!I tried to email complaints but got no response so will be taking to social media to work it out so they don’t poison someone

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