Dan Murphy’s Customer Service Phone Number, Email ID, Office Address, Website

Many of the customers are facing problem related to payments, delivery costs, contact support. These customer service information can help them out. Below you can find the answers of all common searching about the company such as how to contact Dan Murphy’s, what is the customer service number of Dan Murphy’s, what is the head office address of Dan Murphy’s, what is the office location of Dan Murphy’s, Dan Murphy’s contact details, Dan Murphy’s email id, Dan Murphy’s official website, Dan Murphy’s delivery number etc.

Dan Murphy's

Dan Murphy’s is an Australia’s favorite liquor online store where you can purchase more than 6,500 brands of Wine, Champagne, Sparkling, Beer, Cider & Spirits online and offline store both. It is founded in 1952 and currently, CEO of the company is Greg Puckett. Dan Murphy’s has 170 stores across Australia. Dan Murphy’s covers more than 50% of online sales of liquor in Australia. There are 4250 employees are currently working with this company.

About Dan Murphy’s

Who is the founder of Dan Murphy’s? Daniel Francis Murphy
Who is the CEO of Dan Murphy’s? Greg Puckett
When Dan Murphy’s did found? 1952

The company was founded in 1952 by Daniel Francis Murphy. Currently, Greg Puckett is the CEO of the company.

Dan Murphy’s Phone Numbers

Customer Service Phone Numbers 1300 723 388 (Local)
+61 2 9324 0100 (International)
88 000 014 675
Toll-Free Helpline Number N/A
Customer Support Whatsapp Number N/A
Head Office Contact Numbers +61 1300 723 388
Head Office Fax Number N/A

For any online order, delivery, refund, return or any other query, customers can talk on the call with its staff through these given numbers.

Dan Murphy’s Email IDs

Customer Service Email ID N/A
Head Office Email ID N/A

The official email id of Dan Murphy’s is not available presently.

Dan Murphy’s Office Address

Head Office Address Dan Murphy’s Support Office, 789 Heidelberg Road, Alphington, VIC 3078

The main headquarter of Dan Murphy’s is located in Alphington, VIC, Australia. You can use this address as a mailing address also.

Supporting Hours

Monday to Friday : 9am – 9pm AEDT
Saturday : 9am – 6pm AEDT
Sunday : 10am – 5pm AEDT 

Official Website: www.danmurphys.com.au

On its website, you can watch all the latest products with its category. Customers can place their order online easily.

Dan Murphy’s Social Media Profiles

Facebook Fan Page facebook.com/danmurphys
Twitter Handle twitter.com/danmurphys
Instagram Handle instagram.com/danmurphys
LinkedIn Profile linkedin.com/company/dan-murphy%27s
YouTube  Profile youtube.com/user/DanMurphysLiquor
Pinterest Profile pinterest.com.au/danmurphys

All active social networking profiles of Dan Murphy’s is listed above. These profiles will help you to get all future updates directly on your timeline.

Important Links

Find a Store: www.danmurphys.com.au/Stores/all-stores
Find a store nearby you by following link mentioned above.

Career Point: www.wowcareers.com.au/jobs/listing?brand=Dan+Murphy%27s
If you are searching for a job at Dan Murphy’s then this link will redirect you to the career page of the organization.

Return and Refund Policy: help.danmurphys.com.au/hc/en-us/articles/360000043136-Returns-and-Refunds
Follow this link mentioned above If you want to know about Return and refund process of the company.

Delivery Costs and Information: www.danmurphys.com.au/help/delivery-options
This link provides you the information of delivery costs and timeframes as per the area.

19 thoughts on “Dan Murphy’s Customer Service Phone Number, Email ID, Office Address, Website

  1. Firstly, you indicate customers can contact customer service by phone or email, but there is no email address anywhere on the website. Very misleading!
    Mainly I am contacting you in reference to invoice 42421775 dated April 5/16.
    I was responding to an online offer of buy one Taylor’s Cabernet Shizaz Merlot and get one free. I ordered and paid for 2 cases and expected to receive 4 cases (one for one). I received only the two cases and contacted the phone number supplied on the invoice and thought it would be customer service. Anyway I explained the problem and that person then said he would forward it on to customer service!
    Nothing about this transaction seemed straight forward so I thought I should follow up the conversation with an email to ‘customer service’ which as I stated was not as straight forward as expected. Please advise and clarify what is going on.
    Sincerely yours, Carl Milne
    [email protected]

  2. Dear Manager

    Re: Complaint about the offensive comments from Dan Murphy’s Richmond

    On May 6, 2016, I purchased a few brands of alcohol, including 3 bottles of wine from the fridge, the details of purchase could be found on the receipt attached. When I had gone up to pay, the cashier wearing name tag as ‘Will’ told me in a very disrespectful tone that I had “No right” to get the cold drinks from the fridge as I am a retailer and that the cold drinks were for other customers. I explained why I needed to take those three chilled bottles from the fridge as well as showed him that even though other wines which needed to be served chilled I took were from the shelves not from the fridge. He replied rudely “Who cares?”.

    Furthermore after I paid and leaving the store, he also told me that if I am not happy just return them all. His comments made me speechless and I don’t have words to explain how furious I was.

    The service I experienced was very disgusting and totally unacceptable and can be determined as the worst purchasing experience I ever have. Even though the store has the policy that any retailer is not permitted to purchase from Dan Murphy’s, or any restriction that a customer can buy the chilled drinks from the fridge, the representative of Dan Murphy’s should be at least polite.

    As I have been purchasing from Dan Murphy’s Richmond for over ten years of the liquor supplies for my three restaurants, I need to know the Dan Murphy’s policy about the business customers like me, whether or not allowed to purchase at Dan Murphy’s? And if I am allowed to purchase from Dan Murphy’s as I always understood, will I ever experience this rude, insulting and unprofessional service again? How Dan Murphy’s will do to prevent this to happen to my future visit?

    I will be expecting your reply within 5 business days, so that if I am not allowed to purchase from Dan Murphy’s as a retailer, I could search for the new supplier before I need to replenish my liquor stock.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Polly Sangmo

  3. Purchased online “click and collect” from Mermaid Waters 4218 store 9/09/16 at 2pm.
    Heard nothing so phone 1300 number at 11am 10/09/16 (21 hours later) and after 5 minutes on hold I am told goods ready for pickup. Was told tech error that store did not activate pickup was ready.
    Hubby goes to store and wrong wine was there. Informed by Dan Murphy person serving order was wrong.
    DM person made big deal that order needed to be cancelled and fixed. Hubby pointed out what was on the order!
    DM got it wrong.
    DM person then treated my Hubby in a very abrupt manner like it was his fault!
    We are regular customer using this service.
    No apology or acknowledgement or thank you for your purchase by this person.
    Just walked away.
    Pretty sure this was the Manager. Very sad customer service gets a 1/10

  4. Complaint for order no. 48889271
    Thursday 15 September 2016 at ~5 – 6pm.

    Click & Collect @Dan Murphys’ Joondalup – served by Mr. Brett

    A dispute was that my iPad screenshot showed to Mr.Brett the order no. 48889271 under my Dan Murphys membership, Ning Meesuk, who was a collecting person. This order was using Mr. Joseph Hawkins’ debit card, so was shown in the biller name.

    In contrast, the computer screen under this online order was shown the collecting person, Joseph Hawkins.

    In order to prove Mr.Brett that this order was made by me related through 3 different iPad-screenshots, using my membership to log in, showed him my member card, and pointed a double check through my ID address on Driving License as same as the biller name’s address. Exactly, we are living in the same address as well as the couple.

    Time consuming was nearly an hour because Mr.Brett had to phone the biller name, and found out that I was the right collecting person.

    Mr.Brett seemed to follow a company procedure in order to dispatch correctly. But if he did not believe in me, he should phone to the collecting person as quickly as possible, not keep me waiting for him nearly an hour. During this period of time Joondalup shop there were crowded with shoppers and collecting customers.

    As mention above the dispute was from the internet system which was not the same as customer’s screenshots. A Staff showed me an idle response to cope with a simple problem. Wasting time was nearly an hour during a peak time.

    How can the management do?? I wonder.

  5. Dear Management
    I am writing in relation to an incident at Dan Murphys Noosaville on the 29/09/2016 at 11am
    I am a merchandiser from LCW. I do not work for LCW directly. My job is to come into your store and assist in filling your barrels if needed and perform a stock count.
    I entered this store in my usual manner. Signing in at the front and making aware to staff who I was and where I am from and what I will be doing in store. I firstly went to check the wine barrels to see if they needed filling. Then I processed to go out the back to check the cages for extra stock so I could fill. As I approached the back door I yelled out to staff “hello” before walking out. I got eye contact from a gentleman who walked towards me. He was extremely abrupt and before I could speak and identifie myself told me rudely that I was not allowed out the back. I immediately walked back inside the store. When I tried to tell Richard the floor manager at the time I was a merchandiser to fill and count LCW. And show him my neck tag. He at this point said sorry. Then proceed to say he was understaffed and busy. I again tried to tell him I had spoken to the staff at the front of store, but he was extremely rude again and I don’t think he was actually listening to me at all. He yelled at me that he was sick of reps thinking they can do what ever in our stores. Which at this point I was shaking. 1st I’m 5″4. He was towering over me and intimidating. Quite frankly I couldn’t get out of this store quick enough. I do not believe I did anything wrong at all. I do however believe Richard was extremely stressed about something and took it out on me. Which is terriblely wrong. I would even call it bulling. I have never been spoken to in this manner in my life and was totally shocked by his behaviour. This situation requires me to registered a formal complaint with my employer which I have.
    Below is my email [email protected]
    Amanda Praeger

  6. In the past couple of days I have been trying to place an order on line, but when I go to the checkout and select “Delivery” I get an error message:

    Sorry, your secure session timed out

    We’re really sorry, but for some reason we were unable to process your last request. It could be that your session timed out or that we are making some temporary site updates.

    This problem doesn’t happen if I select Click and Collect.

    I tried again but still the same. I tried to place an order on another computer but same again.

    Looks like a problem at your end? I phoned Dan Murphy’s but the person I spoke to could only suggest I log out and delete my browsing history (which didn’t work).

  7. Hi I’ve bern trying with a some difficulty to place a rather large order. Initially was trying to place with delivery. The order at that stage was over $300 but it kept charging me delivery. I was unable to speak to anyone as your customer.service.was closed at that time. They would’ve been open when I started.but I eventually gave up and trued calling. I’ve tried several times and something keeps going wrong every time. Apart from other items I’m trying to order 4 cases (24 bottles) of the Yellowglen Gold Pinot Noir. I did manage to spk to customer service when i first started trying to order and Wanneroo WA Store had over 100 bottles. I’m now having problems getting any. What I’m trying to order comes to over $500. Are you able help please.

  8. Am hoping to get a reply soon. Would like to get my order sorted as soon as possible and want to still get the current prices. Thank you.

  9. Hi. In relation to the pricing policy. I recently purchased dubliner Irish whiskey and pesto ximinez sherry from port macquarie store the price at pos was considerably more than the price displayed on shelf. Very poor form considering your price guarantee !!! Cannot even beat your own prices ! The sales person said , you must be dan member to get advertised price ! Looks like I will be shopping at my local liquor land from now on at least their price is the actual price

  10. I have been waiting 4 days for my delivery and sick of waiting contacted Customer support and yes oh yes it looks like it’s at Hurtsville. They give me another number to call Australia Post. Called oh sorry we have shipment details but no products yet. Great Christmas.?. Contact Customer service again tell them first time I have ever placed an order on line and LAST REFUND MY MONEY. THANK YOU FOR SPOILING MY CHRISTMAS.

  11. I am absolutely disgusted. I was refused service at your cranbourne east store because my 16 year old daughter was with me. I was purchasing 2 bottles of wine with gift bags. Clearly a gift. The cashier had already scanned my iyems through and then refused me service because i had asked my child to get the money out for me. Reading through comments on several sites and also comments on my own social media post it happens all to often with dan murphys. I will never purchase anything from any of your stores again. I will ensure friends and family do not purchase anything from your store either. And to think with all the protests against your store being placed there i was supporting you lot. I can not see that business lasting more than 3 years in that area with the amount of service refusals you have there. Your staff should never assume a person is doing wrong. They asked me for ID after they refused me service.
    Your store is worth nothing to our community…

  12. Hi

    I purchased a ten pack of cruisers to find out that there was two missing, wasn’t impressed, I purchased the ten pack in the 10th feb from your Albury branch, what can I do about this issue???


  13. Dan Murphy’s
    Dan Murphy’s Contacts & Information
    Posted: Jul 30, 2017 by RebeccaROSE74
    Service Mount Barker Store/Manager
    Complaint Rating: 0 % with 0 votes
    Contact information:
    Adelaide Hills, South Australia, Australia

    My two daughters (20) and (16) and my older daughters partner (25) went into the Mount Barker Dan Murphys store yesterday at 12:30 to purchase some drinks for my birthday. My 20year old put the items she was buying on the counter while my 16 year old daughter moved away from them and waited by the store windows, near the exit. The lady who served them (Kristy) scanned through the items, when she finished scanning the items she asked my 16 year old daughter who was well away from them, if she could see her ID. Being polite she showed the lady her learners permit, even though my daughter was not purchasing anything. The lady serving them then told my 16 year old daughter to leave the store. She went out and waited in the car. The lady then asked to see my 20 year old daughter for ID, she showed her the ID. The Lady then said “I cant let you purchase these items, you are going to have to leave the store” She even refused to serve my older daughters partner who is 25 years old and wasnt even purchasing something in the same transaction. My daughters feel humiliated and disgusted in being spoken to this way. My 16 year old daughter is an Ambassador for Cancer Council, So there is no way she would ever touch alcohol so being implied that she had intentions on consuming alcohol left her very upset. I today made a phone call to the mount barker store manager, He was very rude and argumentative, it seemed what I was saying wasnt important or something that he wasnt interested in looking into, along with stating that you have to be over 25 years old to purchase alcohol. My Family is very appalled with this service from both the Mount Barker Store and the Manager. We hope this is something Head office can help sort out and maybe fix.


  14. Would it be possible to have Bingtang Radler as a line in your Mt Barker outlet, I purchased a carton couple weeks ago and had to pay $11.90 delivery fee.
    Not happy Jan

  15. I recently visited the local store at Flinders Street Wagga Wagga after looking at the Site telling me xxxxgold was $37.95 for 24 stubbies, Only to find it advertised at $39.95 but if I bought 2 cartons it would be $38.95 = $77.90 as I did only to get home & again look it up & there it is advertised as &37.95. Just wondering if there is anything that you can do about this or should I report it to fair trading

  16. Bought and paid in full for Christmas drinks to be delivered 10 days prior to event, following up my order Dan could not confirm which delivery company was delivering, after 3 attempt was informed the day after party drinks would arrive. Dan’s solution pay a second time and come and collect and we’ll send a refund some time NOT HAPPY DAN Your stuff up so I pay twice, great customer arrogance

  17. Something really needs to be done about refusing service to people who are clearly over 18, and refusing service to people who have clearly identified themselves as over 18. This happened to me with staff using the “secondary purchase” excuse to refuse service. It’s only illegal if you directly supply liquor to a person under 18. You have no legal basis to refuse service to someone over 18. The reality of your business includes the fact that people do on a regular basis buy alcohol and supply it to minors. It happens all the time. Lucky for you that you are not responsible for that. The responsibility lies with the purchaser. I personally don’t supply alcohol to minors so your refusal was to me personally extremely insulting. You refused service to three people aged 18. 20 and 51. Your assumption that I was supplying to minors was completely wrong. The person with inadequate Id was my son, who even if he was under 18 can have alcohol under my supervision. Your Company has handled this issue in a completely incompetent, rude and non-sensical way. Wouldn’t it be much easier to remind people who are accompanied by minors or people bereft of ID that it’s illegal to supply to minors. That way you can’t say that they weren’t warned at the point of purchase. Refusing service citing a legal basis for over 18s is just plain idiotic.

  18. Appalling service at Dan Murphy Karingal. Went in with my 17yo son to buy his dad a father’s day present. After choosing a bottle I handed it to him at the counter and he put it down as he was using his money to pay. As he got his card out of his wallet the cashier asked for his I.D and I told her I was purchasing it but he would pay with his money. She said he couldn’t do that so I said I would purchase it and she then called another cashier over who asked if he had placed his hand on the bottle at any time. I said he placed it on the counter after I had carried through the store, she then said because he had touched the bottle they would not sell it to us. I asked if I could go and get another bottle of the shelf and pay for it myself and they said because they know he touched the first bottle they would not sell me any. There was cue forming behind me and one male customer behind us was rolling his eyes in disbelief. I was humiliated and as I’m nearly 50 and my son was with me I don’t understand why I couldn’t be served. I have taken him in before as he always buys my husband a couple of beers for Christmas and birthdays, and he has been in with my mum to do the same. I left the store and went to another shop to get what we wanted. It doesnt suprise me that Dan Murphy is losing money, and I will never shop there again, thanks for wasting my time!

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