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Repco is one of the most reputed automobile companies in Australia. It was founded in 1922. Its main headquarters is located at Melbourne. Genuine Parts Company is its parent organization. Robert Geoffrey Russell is the founder of Repco.

It is the most popular and largest provider and reseller of automobile parts in market of Australia. There are more than 400 stores available in the territory of Australia and New Zealand. It is best known for motor accessories and spare parts.

Repco contact number

This brand stands for expertise, knowledge, and quality. The best part of it that they are straight forward towards their work and having great two-way communication with their customers.

To more about Repco’s range of products, trade customers and stores availability visit official Australian website Customers who are searching for the best automobile services in Australia can visit here as all the information is mentioned in this article for assistance. One may get Repco customer service contact number, Repco Customer Service email id, Repco head office address, Repco Head Office Number, Repco official website, Repco social media profiles, Repco supporting hours and many more like these from here.

Repco Customer Service Contact Details

Repco Customer Service Number: 133 227
The customer can call on this number regarding their products enquiries and questions. Customers do not hesitate to contact and ask for the solution to their problem. This number is not represented as toll-free numbers.

Repco Customer Service Email ID: [email protected]
The email id mentioned here is of the Repco Customer Service Department. This mail Id will help you stay in touch with Repco’s department.

Repco Head Office Address: N/A

Repco Head Office Number: N/A

Repco Official Website:

To know more about the products range, warranty period and store locator visit this link.

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Contact Page:
This is official contact us page of the company. For product enquiry, contact information and online feedback form visit here.

Frequently Asked Questions: N/A

Career Page:
To be a part of Repco and to know more about the latest career opportunities visit this link for the answer. Recruitment, current vacancy availability, and FAQs are also available here.

5 thoughts on “Repco Customer Service Phone Number, Email ID, Office Address

  1. Im writing to complain about your customer service at your Mascot store. Botany rd Mascot. On Sunday 25 June 2017 at 1pm. I was in desperate need of a small o-ring for injector service. As a customer of 20years ive never meet such unrealistic attitudes towards customer service. All i wanted was 6 small o-rings which they had plenty of single ones in various sizes. But the one i wanted they had none left as singles only packs of 100 for $65. I asked if they could take 6 out , i was willing to pay $15 for the 6.They said this cannot be done because there packs of 100. I understand that but how hard is it to take 6 out, charge me triple the price which i agreed , then order 6 to put back in the packet. mind you they had 2 packs of 200 in total and couldnt take 6 out. After traveling for 3 hours to various stores and couldnt find any. I came back and tried my luck for only one o-ring.And then this inconsiderate employee again said no. One o-ring out of 200 and they couldnt depart with that. This has caused me to have no car for work. As a customer for so long which i told them, this really was such an easy thing to resolve then. I will never be using Repco as my prefered auto outlet and will be advising every one at work (P&O Ports Botany) to do the same. For such a large organisation, it is a shame you have such employees.
    Anthony Calleja : Electrical/mechanical tradesperson, P&O Ports Botany.
    Ph:0434 887 649.

  2. Almost impossible to contact HO. Switches to stupid adds. Founded in 1922 not 1920 as in one add. I was a GM under David McGrath when Repco was Repco. I went to your Pickering St Store in Enoggera Brisbane. Nulon Injector Cleaner $18, Selleys Qwick Grip Glue $27. Super Cheap nearby $12.98 and $20.29.
    Come om guys get real ! Is this state wide or a roque store. I would like an answer
    Brian Nichols

  3. Unwanted Advertising Material

    From: David Mason
    95 Galpin st.
    Whyalla Stuart 5608

    To Repco

    Since November 2018 I have contacted Peter Clarke at PMP Catalogues over seven times
    ph: 08 82532163 email: [email protected],

    TO CEASE THE DELIVERY OF ADVERTISING MATERIAL AT MY HOME, of which your catalogue is one of many.

    I receive adverting material every week and I want it to stop. Please see copy of my initial complaint to P.M.P catalogues below.
    I request that you please see that your advertising material is no longer sent to my home please..

    Re: Unwanted delivery of catalogues to my home.

    To who it may concern.

    In approximately mid November 2017 I called P.M.P. to request the delivery of catalogues to my home address to cease.

    I had an existing ” NO ADVERTISING MATERIAL” on my letter box and had not been receiving catalogues until approximately the beginning of November 2017.

    I receive adverting material every week and I want it to stop. Please see copy of my initial complaint to P.M.P catalogues below.
    I request that you please see that your advertising material is no longer sent to my home please..

    After speaking with Peter , mid November, at P.M.P. I received no catalogues the following week and I attached an extra “No Advertising Material” sign to my letter box so now there are two.

    However the second week after speaking with Peter the delivery of catalogues resumed and this time place inside my letterbox rather than just left on top as previous.

    I have now been receiving unwanted catalogues again for the past three weeks after speaking with Peter. The catalogues are Cheap as Chips; Harris Scarf; & Harvy Norman.

    So for the second time I ask you to please stop the delivery of any catalogues to the above address.

    I trust that you will see this matter is resolved.

    Please respond to this email to acknowledge its receipt.

    Thank You.

    David Mason

  4. Went to local Repco store in Innisfail the other day looking for a simple air filter for a Webber 2 barrell carby thinking if it’s not in stock they can order one in,the first 5 minutes the bloke behind the counter started flicking through a air filter book than decides to serve a woman who just came which I didn’t mind.Then he gets on the computer,5 minutes pass gets out calipers starts measuring it and with that turns to me with red blood shot glassy eyes and says sorry mate can’t help you.My mate use to work there and if they didn’t have it he would point you in the right direction.Walked out dumb founded.VERY POOR Customer service REPCO need to hire competent personnel not drugies.

  5. Get sent an email, click on a product and no price. Selected product details and no info, the arrow just changed. Selected “select store for stock and price. Put in post code, selected store and go trading hours and map. No stock and no price. Tried to find contact on site and there is none. Just a fluke i found this. I wonder what money theyre losing? 99 percent of customers wouldnt bother telling REPCO and i dont think sales are exactly good at the moment. Shame.

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