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HIH Insurance Customer Service Phone Number, Email ID, Office Address

HIH Insurance is 2nd largest insurance company of Australia. The downfall of HIH is measured as the Australia’s biggest corporate collapse in the history. Its estimated losses were a large amount of $5.3 billion, very big in Australian history.

Insurance is financial merchandise sold by insurance companies to preserve investors and their assets against the risk of loss, injure or theft (such as flooding, burglary or an accident).

Insurance is not the buying of a chair or a car, you are actually buying a promise. The promise says that if there is anything that happens to your business there is someone to help you and assist you to make your stand again, against all odds. Sometimes there is a sudden death in such circumstances helping to secure future of your child by paying fees, helping pay your loved ones the mortgage bills and many other such formalities can be carried out through the insurance.

It provides the financial support to the loved once when you are sick and cannot do it yourself. Insurance like life insurance can also be used in case of emergencies by requesting a loan or a withdrawal.

You can buy insurance policies for many aspects of your life, for example for your health, home, car, business, or retirement.

An insurance policy is the contract that you take out with an insurer to protect you against specific risks under agreed terms.

HIH Insurance Customer Services Contact Details

When it comes to Insurance everybody wants to be on the safer side and want to have all the contact details and addresses to contact the company.

HIH Insurance Customer Service Numbers For

General Queries: +61 (0)2 9338 2600

Scheme Helpline: +61 (0)2 9650 5777

HIH Insurance Customer Service Email Id: N/A

HIH Insurance Head Office Address: Mr AG McGrath, McGrathNicol, GPO Box 9986, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

HIH Insurance Office Phone Number: +61 (0)2 9338 2600

HIH Insurance Office Fax Number: +61 (0)2 9338 2699

HIH Insurance Official Website: hih.com.au


Important Links

Contact us: hih.com.au/Contacts-Australia.html

The given link takes you to the contact page of HIH Insurance, which you can use to call through the phone number given on the webpage; post all your questions and company assure you will get all your answers well in time.

FAQs: hih.com.au/questions_estimation.html

This link will take you to the most frequently asked questions compiled for your convenience. The questions are within different category for ease to understand and you can get your answer from.

Press Releases: hih.com.au/press-releases.html

This link will take you to the press releases from the company for the consumer who wants to have complete knowledge about the company.

Mail: hih.com.au/mail.html

The provided link is given to the user who wants to send some query or feedback to the company. it asks for general details about the user like email address and your message.

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