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How to place an order on Temple & Webster? Best way with screenshots

When it comes to home decor and accessories, Temple & Webster is a very common name for the online shopping enthusiasts. The company has established itself in such a way by offering high quality and premium products at very nominal prices since 2011. It is one of the top companies of Australia and is also one of those very few companies that hit the $1 million sales revenue mark within a year. Being one of the top e-commerce websites and remaining at the top spot is a bit tedious task. They need to ensure that they can handle the traffic their site generates.

Temple & Webster offers products in categories ranging from outdoor, office furniture, lighting, rugs, beds, bath, tubs, kids, wall art, home decor, kitchen, tables, and much more. If you want to order something from Temple & Webster but are facing any difficulties then check out our step by step tutorial below.  If you still face any difficulties in attempting this guide, tell us more about your problems in the comments section below.

Always remember that you need to be logged into your account before attempting this tutorial.

Steps to place an order on Temple & Webster

  1. Open the official website of Temple & Webster i.e. www.templeandwebster.com.au and you will be redirected to their start page. This page will brief you about the latest offers and sales too.

2. You can use their search bar or various categories to find your desired product. 

3. When you have finally decided to buy your favourite piece of art (pun intended), click on add to cart button. 

4. Now, click on cart option from the top right header and review your order once in a cart.

5. After you are done reviewing, click on check out now button. 

6. Enter or choose the address where you would like your product to be shipped and click on continue button. Pay for your order from available payment methods such as PayPal or credit card. Finally, click on continue button. 

7. Their systems will confirm the payment from your bank servers. You will receive an email on your registered address about the confirmation of your order and its shipping details.

These are the very simple steps you need to follow to place an order on Temple & Webster.com. Do check out our other tutorials on Temple & Webster on our blog. For any further information about placing an order on their portal or mobile app, you can contact their customer support department at Temple & Webster customer support phone number

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