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DHL Express (dhl.com.au) Order Status Tracking – All Methods

DHL Express is a multinational logistics company which provides international courier, parcel and express mail services. DHL is one of the world’s largest logistics company in air and mail courier. DHL is famous for its nature conservation facilities such as their vehicles using alternate fuels. The company operates in many countries across the globe and Australia is one of them.

If you have placed any order and want to know “how to track courier from DHL Express”.  Here we are providing you with the methods by which you can track your shipment with DHL. There are four methods to track your courier from DHL. These four methods include the tracking number, email id, SMS and shipper’s reference.

Method 1: Tracking Number

  1. Logon to the official website of DHL Australia i.e. dhl.com.au and you will be redirected to start page of the website.
    How to track order from DHL?
  2. Enter the tracking number for your shipment in the space provided under track your shipment area and click on Next button as shown in the picture.
    DHL Courier tracking through tracking number
  3. You will get all the tracking details along with exact location and estimated delivery time of your courier.

Method 2: By Email

  1. Create a new email to the address track@dhl.com
  2. In the body region, enter the waybill number which you have for on your courier slip.
  3. Click on the send button and you will get a reply within seconds which will provide you with details on shipping.
    DHL Order Tracking through email

Method 3: By SMS

  1. Create a new message to the number +44 7720 33 44 55.
  2. In the body section, enter your waybill number and click send.
  3. You will receive a message with the details of your shipment.

Method 4: By Reference Number

  1. Open the web page for tracking using shipper’s reference i.e dhl.com.au/en/express/tracking/shippers_reference.html.
    DHL Courier tracking through reference number
  2. Enter the shipper’s details such as account number, shipment destination, date of shipment etc. and click on track button.
    DHL Courier tracking
  3. You will be redirected to your shipment’s real time tracking page.

These are the simple methods by which you can track your shipment with DHL.

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