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Keith Urban Contact Address, Phone Numbe, Email ID, Official Website

Here we are going to put a light on the life history of famous Australian celebrity actor Keith Urban. This man is a multi-talented person. Here, the fans of Keith can come to know about his early life, career, educational background and achievements in his career.

Keith Urban was born in Whangarei, New Zealand on 26th of October, 1967. His father is Robert and mother Marienne. His father was an owner of a convenience store and over there they put an ad for a teacher of guitar training. Keith went to Sir Edmund Hillary College in Otara, South Auckland.


Keith is a songwriter, singer, musician, and guitarist, record producer and judge of TV shows. In 1990 he signed his debut album with EMI. There was 18 single on this album. This album helped him.to reach in top 10 male performers in US country chart. He released his second American album in the year 2002, Golden Road. He did 10 studio albums from 1991 to 2016. Four compilation albums. He has recorded 20 hits from 2001 to 2016. He had 2 supporting tours in 2001 and 2016. He went on 11 headlining tours.

Keith has won 24 awards throughout his career including Grammy Awards, CMT awards, People’s choice awards and much more.

Keith Urban Contact Details


Keith Urban Fan Mail Page: N/A
She has not any Fan mail page.

Keith Urban Contact Page Address: N/A
No contact page is available.

Keith Urban Phone Number: N/A
The phone number is kept confidential by the actor due to privacy issues.

Keith Urban Office Fax Number: N/A
No fax number is available


Keith Urban Office Email ID: N/A
She has not created any email ID

Keith Urban Official Website: keithurban.net
This is the only one official website of the Keith and here you can read about his career and each and everything related to his life and events.

Keith Urban Social Pages

Facebook Fan Page: facebook.com/keithurban
This is the Facebook Page of Keith and you can message him and he will reply to you as soon as possible and  you can know more about his upcoming events  and do like and comment on his latest post.

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/KeithUrban
Follow the Watts on this official Twitter handle and know more about his latest tweets.

Instagram Handle: instagram.com/keithurban
This is the official Instagram handle of Keith and you can like his photos and videos and get the latest news about his upcoming movies, songs or any this occasion through his videos uploaded on the Instagram.

YouTube Channel: youtube.com/user/keithurban
Here you can watch the latest videos of Keith and get to know about his latest updates.

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